Keeping all Parts of a Channel In Sync
with a PRM platform

The job of a channel operations manager is to keep every member of the channel pipeline "In Tune" and "In Sync", like a conductor leading an orchestra. This is challenging because the members of a channel network will come from different professional fields and organizational cultures.

A composer uses a baton and sheet music to keep musicians in sync. A channel manager needs a suite of tools, to onboard, train, track, and support their partners. Our blog this week highlights some of these tools and uses the Bridge PRM platform as a case study in how these tools become more powerful when they are on a single platform.

Let's start with onboarding. Just as composers need to smoothly integrate new musicians into their orchestra, channel managers need to ensure that new partners have a smooth onboarding process. It is easier to keep everyone in sync when everyone starts in sync, yet many organizations stumble at this first step. With so many moving pieces, it can be difficult to:

  • Design an onboarding program and gather supporting material.
  • Keep the program structure and supporting materials relevant and up to date.
  • ...And track partner completion rates, satisfaction levels, and support requests.
  1. First, managers and partners need a single "space" to share and manage communications and supporting materials. Channel managers and partners have different needs, so it can be tricky to find something that accommodates both personas. The Bridge PRM platform solves this by placing you and your partners on a single platform accessible through customizable portals and UI interfaces for you and your partners respectively.
  2. Second, managers need an easy way to compile, manage, and share onboarding and training materials. They also need a way to track partner progress and feedback. The Bridge PRM platform provides playbook, curriculum, and certification creation tools. Combine this with the platform's asset management features, and it suddenly becomes very easy to create an onboarding guide, populate it with useful material, and share it with your partners. These same tools also allow you to track partner progress and feedback and set updates and alerts when necessary. On a single platform, each tool enhances and supports the others.

    Once a new partner is on board, a channel manager needs to provide support and training. Musicians in an orchestra need to know what song to play, channel partners need a quick way to internalize what and how you sell. On the Bridge PRM platform, managers can create training curricula to provide conceptual overviews and sales playbooks for practical step-by-step guidance. Because each of these tools can draw from the same pools of assets and data, it becomes much easier to design onboarding guides, training curricula, and playbooks that build off and support one another.

    Returning to our orchestra analogy, a conductor needs to track the performance of his musicians and provide clear, timely signals when adjustments are necessary. Channel managers have a similar obligation to their channel partners, meaning that they need clear and accurate reporting tools. The Bridge PRM platform's lead reporting features provide clear measurements and histories to you and your partners. This allows a channel manager to separate high and low performers, map out which approaches generate the best results, and from there, design and share tailored guidance and support.

  • Unlike a symphony, this communication goes both ways, as partners can submit feedback on assets, playbooks, and training curriculums, or send direct messages and requests for support.

A single platform approach makes collaboration fast and transparent. It simplifies onboarding, training, sharing, and reporting, meaning that you and your partners can stay in tune and in sync.


Mindmatrix is a leading provider of PRM software, channel partner marketing software and sales ecosystems enablement solutions including partner portal software. Since its inception in 1998, Mindmatrix has been focused on helping companies sell more, faster. A pioneer of sales (direct & indirect) and marketing enablement technology, today Mindmatrix is the only company offering a fully unified platform (Bridge ™) that connects and enables sales (direct & indirect), marketing, alliances and partner ecosystems. Backed by Mindmatrix's innovation and expertise, Bridge expands sales ecosystem enablement beyond its traditional boundaries to cover not just Sales Ecosystem Enablement, but also Partner Marketing and Multi-vendor Solutions Management