Bringing the various elements of Sales & Marketing Ecosystem together

Ecosystem Enablement plays a critical role in the success of B2B marketing and sales. Having great marketing and sales teams or a powerful partner network alone is not enough. Organizations need to ensure their entire business ecosystem is tightly coordinated and connected with each process and subprocess-optimized and streamlined-so nothing slips through the cracks.

Bridge makes the ecosystem enablement process easy by creating a conducive environment for collaboration that promotes transparency, alignment and communication among the various players in your sales ecosystem.

Bridge ecosystem enablement

Here's how Bridge supports
Ecosystem Enablement effectively

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Solution center & marketplace

Solution Center &

Helping partners to create custom solution sets using multi-vendor offerings.

Solution Center & Marketplace

Bridge's smart solution center makes it easy for partners to create custom solution sets using multi-vendor offerings. This allows partners to create solutions of their choice by mixing and matching different offerings from multiple vendors. Bridge acts like a marketplace, collating solutions from different vendors. This lets every solution provider build powerful solutions for their customers. Imagine creating custom solution sets or choosing from a wide range of pre-bundled solution sets made available to you in the Bridge marketplace. The Bridge solution center has been successfully deployed by some of the world's leading technology companies, including Lenovo and Acronis.

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Easy co-selling & co-marketing solutions

Easy co-selling &
co-marketing solutions

Help your partners leverage your brand and messaging to sell your products.

Easy co-selling & co-marketing solutions

Help your partners leverage your brand and messaging to sell your products and services more effectively! Bridge supports easy co--branding of content and assets to allow companies to help their partners market and sell better at local levels.

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  • Co-branding

  • To, through, with, for-partner marketing

  • On-behalf marketing

  • Content syndication

  • TCMA

Co-innovation Management


Bridge supports co-innovation robustly through various mechanisms.

Co-innovation management

Bridge supports co-innovation robustly through various mechanisms such as the marketplace, solution center and multi-vendor content management features. By allowing partners to bundle various offerings from multiple vendors and selling them in the Bridge Marketplace, Bridge allows partners to build innovative solutions for the end-consumer. At the same time, such solutions can be shared across the partner ecosystem making them more popular.

Vendors, on the other hand, have full visibility of solution bundles created by their partners and the response such solution sets received from the end consumer. This allows vendors to identify co-innovation and partnership opportunities with other vendors who supplement their products or services.

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Multivendor Content Management

Multi-vendor content

Help partners access sales and marketing content related to various products/services

Multi-vendor content management

Bridge has strong multi-vendor content management capabilities. The multi-vendor content management module supports our marketplace and solution center effectively by allowing channel partners to access sales and marketing content related to various products/services; offered by different vendors. This allows the partners to generate personalized content for each solution bundle they create, making their marketing and sales efforts more effective. Partners can also share their content and solutions with other partners in their network.

Vendors still retain control over how their content is used and have full visibility of content usage by partners across their channel ecosystem. As a vendor, this also helps you understand which other vendor’s offerings support yours and opens up new avenues for partnership and business growth.

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  • Templatized assets

  • Personalization

  • Asset reporting

  • Asset management

Complete referral program automation

Complete referral program automation

End-to-end Referral Partner Automation: From lead generation to commission payout

Complete referral program automation: Lead generation to commission payout

Bridge helps you automate and scale your partner program efficiently. Bridge ensures that every step of your partner program is automated to perform like clockwork. Bridge offers companies a truly end-to-end program automation solution.

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  • Lead Generation

  • Partner Recruitment

  • Partner training & On-boarding

  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

  • Commission Payout

  • Unified Dashboards for Leads, Opportunities, Commission, Orders, & Invoices

  • Co-branded or White-labeled Content


Bridge allows you to build and automate sales and marketing workflows easily.

Aligning Sales and Marketing

Bridge creates sales and marketing alignment that transcends different sales channels.


While Bridge is equipped with PRM, partner marketing automation and LMS capabilities, it also works great with what you already have! Bridge is customizable–it can easily integrate with other sales and marketing tools such as CRMs, learning management systems (LMS), Invoice management systems and even partner relationship management software platforms (PRM).

Buyer's Journey Mapping

Bridge maps sales and marketing assets and actions, guiding marketing and sales to always take the most appropriate steps to track each buyer's sales journey.


For your business ecosystem to work effectively, you need to constantly monitor, measure and realign when necessary. Bridge has an extensive reporting module that helps organizations make sense of lead data, marketing and sales metrics and partner data. Track your KPIs consistently and resolve glitches before they cause process breakdowns.

Training and Onboarding

Bridge makes training and onboarding of salespeople and channel partners easy by bringing all the essentials of a great onboarding program together on a single platform.

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Communication is a key element of successful ecosystem enablement. Bridge provides real time alerts and notifications across various modules so everyone stays on track. Real time alerts and notifications are customizable and can be set for-

  • Key lead activities and interaction with the brand

  • Alerting partners and salespeople about addition of new marketing and sales assets

  • Reminding partners and salespeople about newly developed training materials or certifications

  • MDF usage approval/rejection