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Marketing automation tools to help you scale up your
sales without additional pressure on marketing

Mindmatrix's marketing automation tools allow you to set up and manage your entire marketing funnel with ease.
Help your salespeople close deals faster and enjoy better marketing-sales alignment by offering marketing support
to your sales teams effectively and on time. Enhance and control your company brand and messaging across all sales
and marketing channels and support your sales teams without overstretching yourself or the marketing budget.

What You Get

100% Visibility

Mindmatrix offers detailed reporting and analytics tools that offer marketing teams 100% visibility into

  • The lead-to-revenue journey: Get in-depth insight into lead activities and lead behavior throughout the buyer’s journey. With a 360-degree view of your leads, you will have detailed insight into lead behavior across various touch points including landing pages, social media, websites and other interactions that helps them build solid prospect profiles. You will know exactly what your leads are doing—which marketing email was opened, which link was clicked or what whitepaper was downloaded. It helps you understand clearly where the lead is in the sales cycle--whether they are ready to be passed on to sales or need a bit more nurturing.
  • Content usage and campaign effectiveness: Mindmatrix compiles and analyzes asset usage data to create meaningful reports that help marketing teams understand what works and what doesn't—across multiple marketing and sales channels such as print, email, SMS, social media and web marketing. See what assets or campaigns are a hit with salespeople and leads, understand which ones are not effective, so you can improve them.
How It Works?
  • 360-Degree
    Lead View
  • Asset Reporting
    and Analytics
  • Asset Feedback
    and Rating System

Better Brand and Content Integrity Management

Mindmatrix offers tools for version, brand & messaging control to manage your brand consistently across multiple marketing and sales channels. A template-based, permission-driven approach to collateral creation ensures greater brand and messaging consistency and maintains content integrity.

How It Works?
  • Template-Based
    Asset Creation
  • Role-Based
    Asset Access
  • Asset Approval
    and Expiry

Elimination of Content Silos

Mindmatrix eliminates duplication of marketing efforts, and gives your organization "One Voice" as content and messaging is not in silos anymore and is lined up with the buyer’s position in the sales cycle - ensuring the right content reaches the salesperson, at the right time.

How It Works?
  • Template-Based
    Asset Creation
  • Content
  • Asset Approval
    and Expiry

More Creative Time

Mindmatrix frees up your marketing team’s time to allow them to focus more on creative tasks. By automating mundane, yet important tasks such as sending follow-up emails, making social media updates our routing of leads to salespeople, Mindmatrix allows your marketing team to focus on more creative, brand building activities, while ensuring the other tasks keep happening in the background.


Mindmatrix allows your marketing team to support your all your sales networks effectively. Whether it is just a direct sales team that’s growing rapidly in numbers or your widening channel partner network, or both, Mindmatrix offers your corporate marketing team the tools it needs to scale up to support them effectively.

How It Works?
  • Template-Based
    Asset Creation
  • Content
  • On-Behalf
  • Social Media
Lead Management with Mindmatrix

Improved Lead Management

Mindmatrix offers tools that help you manage your leads effectively across the marketing and sales funnel. See where each lead is in the sales cycle, automatically nurture those who are not ready to meet sales and push the ones hot enough to be passed on to sales.

How It Works?
  • Lead
  • Automated
    Lead Routing
  • CRM

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