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Direct sales enablement has a lot of elements in it and each one needs to be addressed effectively. These include sales training, onboarding, automation of complex sales processes, managing personalized sales asset creation and delivery and ensuring your direct sales teams get all the support from the corporate marketing team whenever they need it. The Bridge sales enablement tool is a comprehensive sales enablement platform that makes it all happen in one place. Taking your direct sales enablement initiatives to the next level is easy with the Bridge sales enablement tool.

Here are some of the key features of the Bridge sales enablement tool that you can leverage to build sales teams that are smarter, faster and more successful.

Bridge training and onboarding

Training and onboarding

  • Reduce ramp-to-revenue time
  • Prepare and share effective training materials
  • Set alerts and reminders for sales for training/certification completion
  • Track and monitor performance during the training phase
  • Conduct certification programs to assess training needs
  • Share processes, business trends and consumer insights with sales teams efficiently
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Unlimited Sales and Marketing Service and
Support at No Additional Cost!

How the Bridge sales enablement tool Helps


companies build smarter sales teams

  • 100% visibility of opportunities and sales pipeline, sales engagement metrics sales team performance and lead activities across the board
  • Effective sales onboarding
  • Improved sales productivity
  • Better sales cadence
  • Increased sales engagement

sales teams beat quota every month

  • Improved sales process
  • 100% lead visibility
  • Easy sales content access
  • Personalized content
  • More time to sell

corporate marketing do better

  • 100% visibility of leads, assets and campaign performance
  • Better brand and content integrity
  • Elimination of content silos ensures better content usage
  • Scalability, so marketing can support a growing sales network effectively and efficiently
  • More creative time for marketing with automation of core marketing activities