Measuring Channel Partner Performance:
with a PRM Software: Key to channel success

One of the core areas of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is measuring channel partner performance. This is important because you can't identify the gaps in your partner's performance and fix those if you don't have the means to measure their performance objectively. When it comes to channel partner performance measurement, often vendors emphasize on sales revenue. How many leads did the partner close? How much revenue did they drive? While the answer to these questions will definitely help you understand your best and worst-performing partners, they won't tell you the reason behind the performance. In this blog we discuss 2 other parameters that you should be tracking to measure your channel partners' performance, as they will not only help you gauge your partners' performance but also point out to the exact areas that need fixes, thus improving your overall relationship with your channel partners.

Your partners' response to your training and certification programs

How are your partners responding to your partner training programs? Are they taking the tests and getting certifications on time? For your partners to be able to sell your products/services effectively, they need to know them well. If your partners aren't keeping up with the training sessions and certification requirements, what follows will be a dismal sales performance. Plus, if the numbers tell you a lot of your partners are not responsive to your training programs, then it may mean that you need to make some alterations to them to appeal to your partner base.

Your partners' response to the sales and marketing collateral you offer them

Another thing to consider is, how often your partners are using the sales and marketing collateral you provide them? How often are they engaging in partner marketing campaigns? How are they utilizing the MDF provided to them. The answer to these questions will help you understand how engaged your partners are with your brand. Also, as in the case of training and certification programs, analyzing your partner's interaction with the partner marketing assets and campaigns you have provided them with helps you understand how popular your assets are with your partners. Again, if you find a majority of them not using the assets or creating their own marketing campaigns, you know it's time to have a chat with your partners and take a second look at what you are offering them.

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Mindmatrix has strong analytics and reporting functionality that cuts across various modules. You can get detailed reports and insight into various parameters such as

  • Asset effectiveness and usage: Learn which marketing and sales assets are most popular with your prospects, customers, salespeople and channel partners
  • Campaign effectiveness: Learn how your marketing and sales campaigns performed
  • Sales network performance: Find out how your salespeople and channel partners are doing. Get detailed reports on the leads they are handling or registered, get data on how soon they are closing, how many leads are dropping off, etc.,
  • Partner engagement: Figure out how engaged your partners are with your brand. Get insight into their activities such as whitepaper downloads, email opens, website visits, certifications sought, webinars attended, and more to gain a better understanding of your channel partner's commitment to your business.
  • Training effectiveness: Evaluate training effectiveness with Mindmatrix's built-in visibility tools and metrics.
  • Complete lead and opportunity behavior: Get detailed reports of your leads and opportunities that help you make the right business decisions and adopt the most effective marketing and sales strategies to close leads.


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