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Learn why industry leading companies count on Bridge Partner Marketing software
to optimize their partner marketing initiatives.

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Co-branded assets


Co-branded assets to help your channel partners make an impact at the local level

Bridge Partner Marketing Software is equipped with powerful asset co-branding capabilities to help channel partners leverage your corporate brand and also build their local brand. With Bridge partner marketing software, your corporate marketing department can create all the sales and marketing materials they need and our platform will automatically customize them to reflect your partner's branding as well.

Co-branding with Bridge partner marketing software extends across multiple marketing and sales touch points including

  • Email marketing
  • Social media posts
  • Print advertising
  • Web (Microsites and landing pages)
  • Sales presentations
  • Proposals
  • Videos

Taking automated co-branding to a whole new level with video co-branding

Bridge Partner Marketing Software allows channel partners to add their logos to the corporate videos and also personalize the intro and outro of videos, thus supporting video co-branding.

With our co-branding tools, you can easily provide your partners with co-branded assets and stop worrying about them damaging your brand elements and messaging inadvertently in an effort to co-brand your materials.

From the partner's perspective, they are better positioned to leverage the power of your brand, without diluting their own position.


Video Personalization


Next-level personalization capabilities allow partners to personalize the introductory and end segments of videos created at the corporate level. Examples include adding a partner logo and contact information, thereby highlighting the partner brand.

Unlimited sales and marketing service and support
at NO additional cost

Proposals and presentations

Proposal generation, simplified!

Bridge's Partner Marketing Software's CPQ engine simplifies proposal generation by allowing salespeople and channel partners with ready-to-use, customized proposals in a few steps. You can generate personalized proposals for each prospect using the CPQ engine because it allows you to include additional content such as case studies, whitepapers, research articles, etc., in an existing proposal template. The CPQ engine will show only the relevant assets to be added, based on the situation. For example, it will display assets tagged as Healthcare for healthcare industry prospects.

Helps corporate retain control over key proposal elements

The CPQ engine is equipped with a quote editor that supports role-based permissions for editing and access. You get to decide what part of the proposal/quote your partners or sales teams will be able to edit. You can limit access/edit rights to certain sections of the proposal or quote such as the brand elements (Logos, color codes, font style, etc.,) or regulatory/legal elements such as disclaimers, terms and conditions, etc.


Supports discount approval

In the event a salesperson or channel partner has offered a discount that goes beyond the typically approved rate and needs a sign-off from someone else, they can send the quote for approval right via the Bridge Partner Marketing platform.

E-Contract generation

The quotation/proposal generated via the CPQ module is linked to Bridge Partner Marketing Software's contract module, As a result, the system automatically generates a contract based on the data selected at the time of quote/proposal generation. For example, if you have different service level agreements for different industry verticals, Bridge partner marketing software will choose the right one based on the data selected at the proposal generation stage.

Pricing model options

Bridge offers the ability to configure different pricing options such as

  • List price, maintenance contract charges, additional warranty charges, installation fees, etc., for hardware/products
  • User license, server license fees, etc., for software
  • Service fees for services rendered

Pricing discount models

You can configure various discount models in the CPQ engine such as

  • Volume-based discount-where you can configure the CPQ module to apply a discount of x% on orders exceeding a certain quantity
  • Partner-based discount-where you can configure the CPQ module to apply different discount rates based on the partner type or tier
  • Customer profile-based discounts-where you can configure the CPQ module to apply discounts based on customer-specific criteria like frequency of purchase, location, etc.,
  • Additional discounts/seasonal discounts—where you can configure the CPQ module to apply a discount for a certain timeframe
  • Limits on discount-You can set a limit beyond which the CPQ engine won't allow the user to process discounts
  • Multi-currency support

Partner markup options

Bridge Partner Marketing Software also allows you to configure the maximum and minimum markup limits for your partners.

The pricing, markup and discount models can be fully customized to suit your needs.

Integrations with the Bridge Partner Marketing Software

Connect your CRM and Business Systems with Bridge Partner Marketing Software Supports SAML, oAuth & API Integrations

  • oracle
  • hubspot
  • netsuit
  • sage
  • redtail
  • Salesforce
  • connect-wise
  • autotask
  • zoho
  • sugarcrm

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