Training & Onboarding of Salespeople and Channel Partners:
Getting the first step right

Companies know that a strong training and onboarding process is the foundation for successful sales and channel relationships, Yet organizations frequently struggle with this very important first step. Many don't have a concrete onboarding plan for their salespeople and partners. They don't see success with their onboarding programs because their onboarding programs are

  • Too short and don't give the new recruits sufficient time to learn
  • Don't cover all the areas effectively
  • Lacking in their ability to measure the effectiveness
  • Unable to identify the unique needs of new recruits and personalize the onboarding process to help them learn

Bridge helps you build great
sales and partner onboarding programs by
helping you overcome these challenges.


Powerful learning management system for effective partner learning, training and certification

Bridge allows companies to create learning curricula, course catalogs and similar training and educational coursework within the platform to share with their sales teams and channel partners. Bridge also allows you to set up live classrooms or instructor-led virtual training sessions.

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Give your salespeople and partners in-depth business and customer insight

A successful onboarding program should offer salespeople/channel partners insight into your product/service offering and customers. This is important because they should know what they are selling and to whom. Bridge makes that happen− our 360-degree lead view feature tracks prospect activities, behavior and attributes so your salespeople and channel partners can understand their buyers better.

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Training on sales processes and strategies

For your onboarding program to add value to salespeople and channel partners, it should spell out the sales process clearly. Bridge allows you to define the process flow for all types of leads and all steps in your sales cycle. You can also document all sales best practices and make them available to your new recruits during the onboarding process and later on, for any refresher training. Through its sales playbooks feature, Bridge allows you to describe which marketing and sales assets should be used at each step of the sales cycle and make them available to your sales networks −all in one place. By documenting processes, assets and playbooks, Bridge makes it easy to onboard new salespeople and train them correctly.

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Measure the effectiveness of your training and enhance learning experiences for better results

Our built-in visibility tools along with the training and certification module make it easy to evaluate the effectiveness of your coursework, training and onboarding materials. Bridge allows you to measure the effectiveness of your curricula through-

  • Tests and certification programs that your partners and salespeople can take in the platform
  • Reports and analytics that help you identify a pattern or the common challenges that your partners face, which allows you to determine the need for corrective actions, additional learning materials or further coaching and training
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Reporting and analytics

Bridge offers various reports to instructors (companies) and students (salespeople and channel partners) alike.

For example, at the company level, you can view reports such as

  • Sign-ups
  • Attendees
  • Pass/Failed candidates
  • No-shows
  • Evaluation pending
  • Suspended registrants

A few report examples on the sales/partner front are

  • Courses the user has signed up for
  • Courses attended by the user
  • User course results
  • Courses attended by the user that are pending evaluations
  • Courses/certifications that the user is yet to take (Pending attendance/registration)

Our training, onboarding and certification module can be integrated with external learning experiences such as web-based training sessions, virtual (online) classrooms, or even actual classroom sessions with instructors. You can create different curricula and courses. This module is closely tied to partner incentive, scoring, recognition (badges & awards)--allowing companies to recognize outstanding partner performances.

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