Create, store, retrieve and track your sales and marketing assets in one click with our smart sales and marketing asset management tools

Bridge serves as a single storage repository for all your sales and marketing assets, tracking asset performance, offering mobile access to assets and helping you maintain brand integrity as well as meet compliance regulations. Bridge also offers content syndication of sales and marketing assets to third party sites for use by salespeople.

Let's take a look at some of the key features of the Bridge platform from the sales and marketing asset management perspective.

Bridge sales asset management

Asset Permissions

  • Maintain content and messaging integrity with role-based asset access
  • User, template and micro-level asset permissions for greater brand control at the corporate level
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Template - Based Asset Creation

  • Template-driven approach to sales and marketing material creation ensures greater consistency and accuracy
  • Corporate marketing team can create templates and set permissions for data edits
  • Salespeople can create their own, personalized versions of the asset using the base template from corporate marketing
  • Ensures branding and messaging consistency
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Catalog Generation

  • Create product catalogs using the Bridge product database feature
  • Store all the information related to your products/services in the Bridge product database and use it to generate product catalogs quickly
  • Allows for easy modification of data as required, saving time and eliminating rework and reproduction costs
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Proposal Generation

  • Make proposal generation easy and quick
  • Bridge allows sales teams to generate customized proposals in a few clicks
  • Get alerts and notifications whenever prospects respond
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Unlimited Sales and Marketing Service and
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Asset recommendation

  • Bridge helps your salespeople use the right asset at the right time
  • Bridge's asset recommendation engine suggests the best asset for use by salespeople based on factors such as the position of the buyer in the sales cycle, buyer behavior, buyer attributes and the opportunity
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Asset personalization (PPT, Emails, Landing Pages, PDF)

  • Personalize every bit of your marketing/sales communication on the basis of seller attributes, buyer attributes or buyer behavior
  • Sales presentations (PPTs), emails, sales brochures, print materials and even web collateral, such as landing pages and websites can be personalized for maximum impact
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Reporting & Analytics

  • Detailed reporting features offer over 100 built-in reports
  • Get unobstructed visibility into KPIs across various areas such as asset categories, user, organization, company and contact types, opportunity, MDF, deal registration, web and social media, etc
  • Supports custom reports
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Asset rating

  • Get asset feedback and ratings from marketing and sales users
  • Rating your assets is simple and only takes a click
  • Get a clear idea of what marketing and sales materials your prospects respond to best
  • Score assets based on their effectiveness
  • Design and deliver materials that are more effective and are actually used by sales
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Asset Approval And Expiry

  • Ensure everyone has access to your most recent asset versions
  • Prevent unauthorized or incorrect use of assets
  • Make assets unavailable to certain user groups or unaccessible beyond a particular date by specifying an expiration date or a validity period for the asset
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Product database syndication

Bridge is equipped with product database functionality. The product database is a collection of all information related to your products/services. It acts as a central storage for the visual and textual content that is used in your marketing or sales collateral. You can add product/service data (including text and images) as database records into the Bridge platform. Since the information in your marketing and sales collateral will be pulled from the database, any change to the information in the database would automatically reflect across all your marketing and sales collateral, allowing for easy modification of data as required, thus saving time and eliminating re-work and reproduction costs

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Global Asset Search Engine

  • Bridge has a global asset search engine that cuts across all asset categories and program modules
  • Asset filters and tags allow for quick asset retrievals
  • Powerful asset search filters to help narrow search results making it even easier to locate an asset
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Roles-based asset access

  • Bridge offers role-based access to assets, so, you can decide who gets to access or edit your marketing and sales assets.
  • Ensures your marketing and sales assets adhere to the corporate branding and messaging standards.
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Mobile asset access

  • iPhone and Android apps that provide you anytime access to your assets, leads, important analytics/reports and campaigns.
  • Get important lead alerts and notifications on your smart phones.
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How do you benefit from the Bridge
Sales Asset Management Platform?

  • eliminates

    Eliminates brand and messaging deviations and helps you exercise tighter control over your assets and corporate voice.

  • effective

    Know what really works with tools that help you understand which of your assets are effective and which ones are not.

  • template-based

    Quick, template-based, personalized sales content generation allowing salespeople to create high-impact, personalized sales collateral without depending on marketing.

  • marketing

    Marketing and sales teams get quick and easy access thanks to features like asset filters and tags, powerful asset search engine and mobile asset access to assets.

  • horn-with-cog

    Overall brand messaging becomes more impactful as the right sales and marketing assets are used based on the buyer profile and sales cycle position, thanks to autogenerated asset recommendations.