Industry-leading companies trust Bridge partner marketing software for their partner marketing initiatives

  • lenovo
  • spectrum
  • connectwise
  • axcient
  • generac
  • adobe
  • intelisys
  • lytx
  • bitdefender
  • datto
  • acronis
  • eight-into-eight
  • infrascale
  • hcltech
  • radwin
  • five-nine
  • d and h
  • ptc
  • thales
  • trend-micro
  • es-et
  • code24
  • equinix

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Partner recruitment


Attract the right channel partners and build a strong channel partner network with
Bridge PRM Software

Recruiting partners is as challenging as generating leads and prospecting for buyers. You need to work on a strategy that helps you reach out to potential partners with consistent, quality messaging and develop a repeatable, successful, recruiting process. You need to focus your efforts on building the right partner base.

Bridge PRM Software offers you all the tools you need to attract and recruit the right channel partners. Examples include

  • Landing pages and forms to attract partner sign-ups
  • Lead (potential partner) scoring, segmentation and management
  • Potential partner nurturing drips (emails/SMS)
  • Lead (potential partner) activity monitoring and triggers to make the right move at the right time
Bridge PRM software offers you

With Bridge PRM Software you can

  • Identify hot leads (partners) easily
  • Create a strategy to convert partners with content and deployment on a single platform
    • Automate delivery of content, track interactions and score them
    • Build a recruiting playbook with consistent messaging and clear goals
  • Manage your partner-contacts effectively
    • Organize your partner contacts into smart lists and automatically reach out to them consistently
    • Distribute hot leads (potential partners) to recruitment business development teams

Bridge PRM tool takes care of not just partner recruitment, but also channel partner training and onboarding and channel engagement to ensure your channel partner network is as strong, knowledgeable, and as engaged and well-equipped as your direct sales teams.

With Bridge PRM software you can

Unlimited sales and marketing service and support
at NO additional cost

Partner profiling


Bridge PRM tool has partner profiling automation capabilities that captures partner data gather data across the board and uses it to automatically build partner profiles. The insights provided by the automated partner profiling feature can help vendors make data-driven decisions when it comes to partner recruitment and management, optimize partner performance, and ultimately improve the ROI on their partner relationships.

Integrations with the Bridge PRM Software

Connect your CRM and Business Systems with the Bridge PRM Software Supports SAML, oAuth & API Integrations

  • oracle
  • hubspot
  • netsuit
  • sage
  • redtail
  • Salesforce
  • connect-wise
  • autotask
  • zoho
  • sugarcrm