At Mindmatrix, we know that just investing in a PRM Software, partner portal software or Partner Marketing Software is not enough. . In fact, that is just the beginning. For your investment to yield results, the platform must be utilized to its fullest at both--the partner and vendor levels.

That is why, Mindmatrix offers exclusive partner engagement concierge services to help companies enhance their partner engagement levels and adoption rates on the Bridge PRM and partner marketing software by their channel partners. The partner engagement package from Mindmatrix covers every aspect of the Bridge PRM software, partner portal software and the Bridge partner marketing software, including partner training (to use the Bridge partner marketing software, PRM Platform, and the Partner Portal solution), end-to-end partner marketing campaign management, MDF management, deal registration, lead management, and more.

Mindmatrix offers three tiers of partner engagement services, namely,

  • Base Partner Engagement services
  • Advanced Partner Engagement Services
  • MDF-Funded Partner Engagement Services

Here's a list of partner engagement services offered by Mindmatrix:

  • Sending custom partner engagement emails and also connecting with partners over the phone to highlight the benefits of the Bridge Partner Enablement Software and to encourage them to use the Bridge Partner Portal
  • Enabling domain signing for up to 50 partners per month, assisting them in getting started with the Bridge Partner Marketing Software platform
  • Additional vendor concierge service hours per month
  • Dashboard configuration, helping partners set up the dashboards that are right for them, as per their partner personas
  • Ongoing Asset setup/configuration: Setting up ready-to-use, co-branded and personalized assets for the partners onboarding and ongoing playbook configurations
  • Proactive partner engagement monitoring and sending monthly engagement reports on partner activities to vendors
  • Training sessions (Custom PowerPoint presentations, webinars, group training sessions and one-on-one sessions) to ensure partners leverage the Bridge Partner Marketing Software to its full potential
  • Quarterly, custom partner experience surveys for vendors to gauge partner satisfaction with the Bridge partner portal software
  • Level 1 tech support
  • Manage email, lead nurturing and social media campaigns for partners
  • Registration of deals and MDF requests for partners
  • Lead management for partners