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Learn why industry leading companies count on Bridge Bridge Partner Marketing
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Reduce the complexities of brand management
with Bridge partner marketing platform


Given the large number of platforms on which you interact with prospects, brand management becomes a challenge. Every new platform comes with another risk of distorting your brand image. Bridge Partner Marketing Platform can reduce the complexities of brand management that arise from using multiple touch-points by making it easy to manage your brand consistently across all marketing and sales channels including web, print, presentations, email and social media.

Here's how Bridge Partner Marketing platform ensures that as each new marketing or sales piece is designed, all of your graphic and branding designs are properly replicated.

A single platform for all marketing/ sales materials

Acting as a single platform for the capture and storage of all brand-related information, Bridge Partner Marketing Platform keeps marketing and sales materials up-to-date by ensuring that any change to them is reflected in all relevant areas, across the board.


Maintains the accuracy and consistency of brand elements

Bridge partner marketing platform offers brand management capabilities that allow the corporate marketing team to define style and branding guidelines and also control messaging through smart object technology. These ensure your corporate branding and messaging stays intact across various channels. Examples include the provision to "Lock" certain brand elements on templates which prevents further editing by partners or salespeople, role-based asset access level permissions (View/Edit), and asset expiry, so outdated corporate messages don't trickle down to the market accidentally, and more.


Template-driven approach to collateral creation ensures greater brand consistency

Bridge Partner Marketing Platform's template-driven approach to sales and marketing material creation provides you with all the right branding tools that you'll need to ensure that your company's branding information is up-to-date and consistent in every single communication.


Templatized asset generation
with partner marketing platform

Template-based asset generation that personalizes without brand and messaging dilution

Bridge Partner Marketing Platform follows a template-based approach to asset creation which supports the creation of personalized sales and marketing materials while ensuring your brand and messaging stay intact. Bridge Partner Marketing platform safeguards your brand and messaging in two ways.


One: No unauthorized edits to your sales and marketing collateral

Our Template-based asset generation feature allows your marketing team to define style & branding guidelines and control messaging through smart object technology. This ensures your branding and messaging stay intact across every channel.

Example: the provision to "Lock" certain brand elements on templates which prevents further editing by partners or salespeople.

Two: any change made at the corporate level is reflected to levels through automated content updates

Template-based asset generation also supports automated content updates (style, logos, messaging, etc.) across all related assets with the same master page, a template-based approach to content creation and via smart objects, thus ensuring your messaging is always accurate.


Unlimited sales and marketing service and support
at NO additional cost

Asset approval and expiry
with partner marketing platform


Asset approval and expirations: Ensure your sales and marketing teams have access to the most recent version of the sales and marketing materials

It is all too common for salespeople and channel partners to be using outdated or incorrect versions of sales and marketing materials, thus diluting the corporate brand and messaging, not to mention creating legal problems. Bridge Partner Marketing Platform resolves this challenge with its asset approval and expiration feature.

Bridge partner marketing platform provides content creation/approval workflows with options to review and approve content. Whenever an asset is created, you can program the system to prevent unauthorized use of the asset.

Similarly, if there is a time-bound asset, you can make the asset unavailable beyond a set date by specifying an expiration date or a validity period for the asset. Use this feature to ensure you don't send out tradeshow invitations or discount coupons that are past their dates. Bridge Partner Marketing Platform automatically archives the expired content to be only visible to the administrators. The notifications can be configured for content owners, sellers, and marketers when the content is going to expire or if some other action is needed. The sellers can only upload their own content if they have permission.

Apart from version management and asset expiration mechanisms, Bridge partner marketing platform allows you to share assets with various partner tiers or sales teams based on different asset parameters such as activities performed, for the assets, usage, date of asset creation/update, tags, effectiveness, and sales influence. This virtually eliminates any chances of wrong or outdated assets being shared with prospects.


Asset permission
with partner marketing platform


Asset permissions to help you maintain content and messaging integrity

Bridge Partner Marketing Platform allows you to control asset access and use through its asset permission mechanism. The asset permission functionality lets you create and manage permissions for accessing, editing, sharing and copying assets.


User-level asset permissions

This is the broadest level of permissions. You can assign roles to users and permissions corresponding to those roles. For example, sales users may not be able to edit assets at all, and marketing may control everything, including personalizing the assets for the sales users.


Template-level asset permissions

When you share an asset with users, you can determine the permission levels for them. The permissions can be broadly divided into 3 categories-

  • View asset- This lets the user to only view the asset and use it as-is
  • Share asset-User can share the asset with other users
  • Copy asset-This permission level allows users to make copies of the particular asset
  • Delete asset-An user with this permission level can delete the asset

Micro-level asset permission

Apart from the above, in any given asset, marketers can identify sections that could be locked or unlocked for editing by users, thus controlling asset editing permissions at the micro-level.

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  • User license, server license fees, etc., for software
  • Service fees for services rendered

Integrations with the Bridge Partner Marketing Platform

Connect your CRM and Business Systems with Bridge Partner Marketing PlatformSupports SAML, oAuth & API Integrations

  • oracle
  • hubspot
  • netsuit
  • sage
  • redtail
  • Salesforce
  • connect-wise
  • autotask
  • zoho
  • sugarcrm

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