The Role of Partner Data Acquisition &
PRM platform in Building a Channel
Friendly Partner Program

The vendor's knowledge of partner behavior and persona plays a key role in the success of the vendor-partner relationship. In our blog this week, we explore the various elements of PRM that can be influenced positively by partner data.

Let's start by taking a look at some of the reasons for poor partner engagement −

Partner program

Having access to accurate partner data can help vendors build channel-friendly partner programs. Insight into partner behavior, intent, strengths and weaknesses allows vendors to tweak their partner program to make it easier to market and sell vendor products. It also helps vendors to identify patterns, if any, in their partner pool. For example, if all partners of a particular category or market type are consistently unable to perform, it probably means there's a problem with the partner recruitment criteria that needs to be evaluated.

Personalization of training and onboarding content and aligning sales and marketing enablement efforts with partner persona

Understanding partner persona helps vendors craft personalized training and onboarding programs that will be more effective than a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to partner onboarding and training. Depending on partner persona, each partner type requires different kinds of training and even ongoing support. Typically, there are 4 broad partner personas −


− This partner persona needs content, strategies, and tools directed at prospects who are at the top of the funnel, more focused around lead-gen

− Examples include landing pages, email campaigns, social media content, lead scoring and nurturing tools, 360-degree lead view


− This partner persona needs content, strategies, and tools that target middle and end of funnel prospects

− Examples include case studies, competitive product comparisons, product/services guides, sales success stories


− This partner persona needs a complete sales and marketing tool kit, including training and certification


− This partner persona is comfortable with the technical aspects of the solution but needs complete sales and marketing support

So, some partner types may be really good with the technical aspects of the product, but fall behind when it comes to marketing and sales communications; while there may be some partners who may know how to market the products successfully, but lack the technical knowledge needed to resolve prospect queries that come up during the sales process; whereas some partner types will need hand-holding throughout the sales cycle. Insight into partner data can help vendors fill these gaps effectively.


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