Industry-leading companies trust Bridge partner marketing software for their partner marketing initiatives

  • lenovo
  • spectrum
  • connectwise
  • axcient
  • generac
  • adobe
  • intelisys
  • lytx
  • bitdefender
  • datto
  • acronis
  • eight-into-eight
  • infrascale
  • hcltech
  • radwin
  • five-nine
  • d and h
  • ptc
  • thales
  • trend-micro
  • es-et
  • code24
  • equinix

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Content syndication


The Bridge partner marketing software offers content syndication tools that allow the syndication of sales and marketing content to third-party sites and partner portals for use at the local level. Our powerful content syndication feature helps you enable your franchisees and channel partners to engage in local marketing effectively. As a vendor, you get the ability to share and personalize all content types (web pages, micro-sites, blogs, landing pages) with partners. The Bridge partner marketing software's content syndication tools offer access to powerful web content authoring tools for both vendors and partners. The content you create can be easily updated and personalized for your partner and audience using a simple code.


On-behalf emails

The 'on-behalf' module of the Bridge partner marketing software allows your corporate marketing team to send emails on behalf of the channel partners, thus allowing you to help your partners build their local brand and successfully market and sell your products at the local level. This means you leverage the capabilities of your internal marketing team while driving leads for your channel partners.

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Unlimited sales and marketing service and support
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Centralized marketing campaigns, personalized
at local levels, routing leads to the local partners

The Bridge partner marketing software gives you an interface to create everything your channel partners need, right from your corporate offices. You can create customized email campaigns, social media campaigns, landing pages, advertising campaigns, and sales materials right from the Bridge partner marketing software interface and automatically customize those assets for each of your channel partners, helping them engage in local marketing effectively--all while you still retain control over your brand and messaging.

At the same time, leads from centralized marketing campaigns or on-behalf partner marketing campaigns are routed to the right local partner based on the pre-set lead routing criteria.

The Bridge partner marketing software's on-behalf partner marketing capabilities allow you to-

  • Enable your partners with white-labeled or co-branded content to help build thought leadership and local brand
  • Drive lead generation for your partners effectively
  • Provide your partners with the ability to select the content of their choice from your corporate content repository and push that to their websites and social accounts. This means you get to amplify corporate messaging and brand through partner websites while helping partners enhance their social and web presence
  • Ensure the messaging across all partner websites is consistent and true to your brand
  • See the effectiveness and use of your marketing and sales content at the partner level

Integrations with the Bridge Partner Marketing Software

Connect your CRM and Business Systems with Bridge Partner Marketing Software Supports SAML, oAuth & API Integrations

  • oracle
  • hubspot
  • netsuit
  • sage
  • redtail
  • Salesforce
  • connect-wise
  • autotask
  • zoho
  • sugarcrm

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