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If your prospective customer knows what they are looking for, and are wondering where to find it or who to buy it from, then our partner, product and solution locator are the tools you need to assist them.

Bridge PRM software acts as a comprehensive database of your products, solutions and partner network that provides all the information your end customers need when looking to make a purchase. Our partner, product and solution locator is equipped with powerful buyer-driven search engines that allow your end-customers to search the database and locate the partner (seller), product or solution that meets their requirements.

By integrating our partner, product and solution locator with your e-commerce platform or website, you can connect your end customer to the right seller (a partner from your channel network), the right product or solution, almost instantly.

Here are some key features of our partner locator.

Prospect-friendly features

Customer-driven, guided search engine

Equipped with a powerful customer-driven, advanced, guided search engine that allows your prospects to search for and pick the right partner/solution/product based on various parameters including-

  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Video Personalization
  • Partner type & tier
  • Specialization of partner
  • Solution interest of the customer

The search results can also be sorted based on partner/product ranking, best match, availability, location, distance, etc.

The search results are displayed in a tile format and include key information about each search result such as the logo, short description, specialization, awards won, customer reviews, etc.

Upon clicking on a particular result, the prospect will be directed to the dedicated page of that partner/product/solution, where they get access to more detailed information.

Customer-driven, guided search engine

Ratings and reviews

The dedicated pages feature ratings and reviews given to the partners/products/solutions by other customers, which aid the prospect in decision-making.

Bookmarking and sharing

Prospects can also create a list of favorite partners, products or solutions and share it with others. They can also interact with the partners listed in the partner locator via email.

Multilingual capabilities

Our partner, product and solution locator comes with multilingual localization features, meaning if your website page is viewed in a foreign language, the data displayed by the partner locator is also automatically translated to that language, allowing customers to search for partners and filter the results in their preferred language.

Mobile compatibility

The partner, product and solution locator is mobile compatible, meaning that, your partners and prospects can access it through their internet-enabled smartphones or tablets.

Ratings and reviews

Unlimited sales and marketing service and support
at NO additional cost

Partner-friendly features


Flexible and easy to use from the partner's perspective

The Bridge partner locator is easy-to-use and set up from the partner's perspective too. Partners can easily configure their own profiles in the partner locator by adding information such as-

  • Logos
  • Contact information
  • Detailed and brief description of the products/services offered

The partner profiles in the partner locator can be linked to the co-branded microsites, landing pages, social media profiles of the partners, etc., Partners can further strengthen their profiles in the partner locator by sharing sales and marketing assets such as brochures, product spec documents, videos, sales presentations, etc.,

Flexible and easy to use from the partner's perspective

Integrates with Salesforce PRM and many other CRMs to allow lead creation under partner accounts

If the prospects fill out a form to reach out to a particular partner via the partner portal, the lead information is captured and shared with the Partner via Bridge. At the same time, if integrated with Salesforce or any other PRM/CRM, the lead is also created in that platform for the partner to pursue further.

Integrates with Salesforce PRM and many other CRMs to allow lead creation under partner accounts

Vendor-friendly features of the Bridge PRM Software's Partner, Product & Solution locators

Ability to review and approve partner, product and solution profile information

Vendors can review and approve partner profile information before it goes live on the locator where prospective buyers can see it

Optimize lead closure probability

Often partners lack visibility into the prospect's activities on the OEM (vendor's) site. This lack of transparency results in delays from the partner's end in getting in touch with the lead. Our partner locator provides the opportunity for OEMs to capture and share lead information with the right partner enhancing the chances of lead closure.

Ability to review and approve partner, product and solution profile information

Reporting and analytics

As with any other module of the Bridge PRM software, the partner locator also has a strong reporting and analytics feature tied to it. Vendors can track prospect actions on the locator module and consequently, all leads generated from the partner locator page for channel partners, thus using that data as a KPI to identify popular partners/product or solution offerings. Examples include-

  • The location most searched for when looking for partners
  • The product/solution that is most popular (searched for)
  • The partner with the best ratings/the most popular partner (most click-throughs to partner profiles/pages)?
  • Deals closed/won for each partner/product/solution segment, etc.

The locator has 2 interfaces--internal and external. While the external interface is what your end customers will see, the internal interface is for vendors and partners only. This interface displays partner, product and solution data that is not visible to end customers and prospects. The reporting and analytics module is a part of the internal interface.

Optimize lead closure probability

Fully customizable interface

Vendors can customize the look and feel of the locator to match that of their website, including branding, header and footer, font and other formatting elements.

Integrations with the Bridge PRM Software

Connect your CRM and Business Systems with the Bridge PRM Software Supports SAML, oAuth & API Integrations

  • oracle
  • hubspot
  • netsuit
  • sage
  • redtail
  • Salesforce
  • connect-wise
  • autotask
  • zoho
  • sugarcrm