Improving Channel ROI With A Comprehensive
PRM Software

Prioritizing partner sales enablement is critical to driving the success of channel programs. As B2B buyer authority shifts to extremely discerning decision-makers in business units, partner sales agents must be supported with channel tools that provide easy, on-demand access to the information they need.

It's equally important that vendors invest in comprehensive solutions that optimize coordination among channel management, sales and marketing teams to identify and support eager-to-engage partner sales agents.

With modern channel solutions, channel teams can:

  • Provide sales materials including battlecards, call sheets and sales scripts;
  • Enable partner sales and marketing collaboration;
  • Monitor client/customer buying journey activity; and
  • Support partner onboarding and sales training.

Download our whitepaper, Partner Sales Enablement: The Mission-Critical Component of ROI Generating Channel Programs, to learn more!


Mindmatrix is a leading provider of PRM software, channel partner marketing software and sales ecosystems enablement solutions including partner portal software. Since its inception in 1998, Mindmatrix has been focused on helping companies sell more, faster. A pioneer of sales (direct & indirect) and marketing enablement technology, today Mindmatrix is the only company offering a fully unified platform (Bridge ™) that connects and enables sales (direct & indirect), marketing, alliances and partner ecosystems. Backed by Mindmatrix's innovation and expertise, Bridge expands sales ecosystem enablement beyond its traditional boundaries to cover not just Sales Ecosystem Enablement, but also Partner Marketing and Multi-vendor Solutions Management