Evaluating Partner PRM Platform?
Here's how to mitigate the risk

Investing in any new technology at the enterprise level always comes with some risk. The risk component is higher when it comes to investment in Partner PRM platforms because the success of your investment depends largely on partner adoption of the software/portal. Your new channel enablement software may be great from the vendor perspective, but if your partners don't use it enough, you won't see the ROI you seek. And, when we talk about your investment in the Partner PRM platform not yielding the returns, it is not only about the monetary investment. Vendors need to take into consideration the time and resources they invest in training the partners on the new Partner PRM software and also migrating their data and assets onto it. Hence it is very important that vendors get the opportunity to explore the Partner PRM platform that they are considering, based on their unique requirements before locking themselves in a multi-year agreement with the channel enablement software provider. This is where Proof of Concepts (POCs) come into the picture.

What is a POC?

A POC is basically a sandbox environment that allows you to evaluate your Partner PRM platforms and explore all its features BEFORE you sign the annual contract with the channel enablement software provider. Getting a proof of concept helps you minimize your business risk in terms of your investment in the Partner PRM platform, by allowing you to see all the integrations in action. Plus, you also get a feel of what it is like to work with your channel enablement software provider. So, when evaluating Partner PRM platform, make sure you request a POC to see how things work. Now, some vendors simply offer you time-bound, free access to their channel enablement software instead. While your channel enablement software provider may insist that is pretty much like a proof of concept, there's a world of difference between the two. For the POC to really serve its purpose, it needs to be customized to your requirements, data, and specifications. Some Partner PRM software providers may charge a fee to create a working POC for you, but it may be well worth it due to the value that a fully functional POC offers.

While on the topic of PoCs, did you know that Mindmatrix offers fully (100%) customized POCs, FREE of charge?

What is included in the Mindmatrix POC?

  • Customized & Branded PRM & Partner Marketing Platform/Portal with your assets, training materials, campaigns, sales playbooks, etc.
  • Third-Party integrations-CRMs, ERPs, DAMs, etc.
  • Customized workflows and automation rules

Minimize the risks associated with your investment in the Partner PRM platforms with our Free, Fully Customized POC.


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