Why integrate sales and marketing
enablement tools into your PRM software?

One of the most effective ways to boost partner interaction, adoption and engagement with a brand is to make your brand the easiest to sell. Integrating sales and marketing enablement tools into your PRM software takes you one step closer to that by allowing you to-

Assist partners with lead generation

Using localized Marketing Automation capabilities you can engage in Through, On-behalf, and With Partner Marketing. You can also enable them with co-branded or white-labeled personalized drip campaigns, landing pages and other related content that helps them sell better. Through social media automation tools, you can engage in social selling on popular social media platforms such as to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook on-behalf of partners.

Provide thought leadership and help partners build their brand in the local market

As a vendor, you have a lot of thought-leadership content, but are you sharing it the right way? Using integrated channel marketing tools, you can share and personalize all thought-leadership content to reflect your partners' brand. You provide your partners with the ability to select content and push it to their leads across various platforms including their websites and social accounts. At the same time, you get to review the effectiveness of your content across the board.

Amplify corporate messaging through partner channels

You get greater control over your marketing and sales narratives as you share marketing messages, created at the corporate level, with your partners,, but co-branded for your partners & personalized for the local audience

Drive partner engagement, efficiency and adoption

Your partners have everything they need on a single platform−your Sales Cloud PRM. They don't have to log in and out of 3 or 4 different platforms to get access to lead data, marketing collateral, training materials, MDF and lead registration systems, etc. This naturally increases adoption and engagement rates.

Plus, an integrated setup gives vendors a vantage point that allows for 360-degree partner visibility.

Vendors can assess partner performance across the board−from the sales, marketing and engagement perspectives. It helps them understand how each partner is performing, identify weak areas and implement corrective measures such as additional coaching. It also allows vendors to motivate partners through the right incentive and rewards program as vendors get access to key channel analytics and data that help them gain a deeper insight into channel partner activities−all from one place.

Interested in learning more? Download our whitepaper, Leveraging Salesforce PRM with integrated partner marketing and sales tools".


Mindmatrix is a leading provider of PRM software, channel partner marketing software and sales ecosystems enablement solutions including partner portal software. Since its inception in 1998, Mindmatrix has been focused on helping companies sell more, faster. A pioneer of sales (direct & indirect) and marketing enablement technology, today Mindmatrix is the only company offering a fully unified platform (Bridge ™) that connects and enables sales (direct & indirect), marketing, alliances and partner ecosystems. Backed by Mindmatrix's innovation and expertise, Bridge expands sales ecosystem enablement beyond its traditional boundaries to cover not just Sales Ecosystem Enablement, but also Partner Marketing and Multi-vendor Solutions Management