How Partner Persona impacts your choice
of a partner marketing platform?

When investing in a partner marketing platform, vendors need to take into account a lot of factors, one of them being partner persona. Each partner has their own strengths and weaknesses, which determines their "Partner Persona". The kind of support that a partner requires from the vendor to market and sell their products successfully, varies based on the partner persona, which, in turn, impacts the choice of partner marketing platform.

Typically, partner personas can be categorized into 4 types, as follows.

Typically, partner personas can be categorized into 4 types, as follows.

The largely varying partner personas mean vendors need to have channel marketing platfrom that cater to the needs of every partner persona. One area where many vendors go wrong is ignoring the partner personas when investing in a channel marketing program. Vendors often assume that a standard channel marketing program will work with all partners regardless of their persona.

For channel marketing programs to be successful, they need to be tailored to suit the different kinds of partner personas that the vendor's partner ecosystem has. By doing that, vendors can expect

Greater partner engagement − When the vendor's channel marketing program suits the partners, provides them with that they need, they are more likely to engage with the vendor's brand

Greater partner sales and revenue - A more effective channel marketing program translates into better marketing and sales numbers for the vendor

Watch this space next week for the must-haves of a great channel marketing program.


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