Effective co-marketing with partner
marketing software

One of the biggest challenges vendors face when selling through channel partners is brand distortion. Vendors find it difficult to maintain brand integrity and messaging consistency as their brand and messaging reach the local market through partners. Partners, on the other hand, try their best to leverage their vendor's brand. However, they also feel the need to establish their presence locally, as it helps them connect better with their local customer base. It is in the interest of both−the vendors and the partners to create a strong brand presence locally. From the vendor's perspective, it offers them the opportunity to explore new markets, whereas from the partner's perspective, it helps them utilize the power of the vendor's already existing, strong corporate brand. This blog discusses how vendors and partners can use co-branding effectively by deploying effective partner marketing software programs.

Powerful partner marketing software programs allow the vendor's corporate marketing department to create all the sales and marketing materials they need, centrally, and then, using co-branding capabilities, automatically customize them to reflect the partner's branding. Co-branding with partner marketing platforms can extend across multiple marketing and sales touchpoints including

  • Email marketing
  • Social media posts
  • Print advertising
  • Web (Microsites and landing pages)
  • Sales presentations
  • Proposals
  • Videos
  • Blogs

Another area where co-branding helps is in increasing partner engagement with the vendor's brand. Channel partners have multiple vendors whose products and services they sell. Cobranding is a powerful tool that vendors can deploy when competing for partner mindshare. Co-branding helps partners engage in effective, powerful, personalized marketing which will further boost their engagement with the vendor's brand. Mindmatrix offers powerful cobranding tools that vendors can use to drive partner engagement and help partners market their brand successfully. Please visit our website to learn more


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