Creating a winning partner marketing
concierge model for your partner
ecosystem and increase adoption of
partner marketing software

Channel marketing concierge services can help boost the adoption of your partner marketing software among your partner network. Given that your channel partners are occupied with the end-customers and focused on generating sales revenue, they may not have the bandwidth to fully explore your partner marketing software. This is precisely where the services of a channel marketing concierge come into play.

Multiple concierge service providers model

Providing marketing concierge services to your channel partners doesn't mean overloading your corporate marketing department or hiring new staff to assist your channel partners. That model will never be scalable. One solution is arrangements with different agencies that provide the services you want to offer. In this model, you may have multiple concierge providers, each focusing on one element of marketing such as consulting, branding and designing, campaign setup and analytics, etc.

A single concierge service provider

Another option is to bring a service provider on board who offers ALL the channel marketing concierge services that you may need. It may not be easy to find ONE vendor who offers EVERYTHING, but there may be providers who outsource specific services.

How to price your concierge services?

As a vendor, you need to find the right pricing strategy for your channel marketing concierge. Either you can offer it free to all your channel partners or share the cost with them. You can make it available at differential pricing based on partner levels or tiers. For example, offer the marketing concierge services package at 20, 30 and 40% discount to your silver, gold and platinum level partners respectively. Or, you may have a flexi-concierge offering model where your partners may choose to pay only for the concierge services they need or subscribe to. For example, some partners may choose social media marketing, while some may want help with email campaigns.

Channel marketing concierge services are a great mechanism to increase adoption rates of channel marketing programs among channel partners and also boost partner engagement and loyalty levels. Channel marketing concierge services help companies offer better support to channel partners by ensuring that channel partners get the support they need to sell the company's products/services, just when they need it−even if they are too busy to offer vendors it to them personally.

How to measure the ROI on your concierge service investment?

As with any other element of partner marketing, it is important to be able to measure the ROI on your investment in Concierge services as well. The ROI on Concierge service investment can be measured based on the following metrics-

  • New lead inflow
  • New opportunities created
  • Sales and deal closed i.e. leads converted
  • Customer retention rate
  • Upselling and cross-selling opportunities created

Concierge services help your channel partners get the maximum benefits from channel marketing programs and tools, and, at the same time, generate more revenue for the vendor by helping channel partners market and sell the vendors' products and services better. This creates a win-win relationship between the company and their channel partners.


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