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How to Use LinkedIn to Transform Your Prospecting

In this webinar we discuss best practices for utilizing LinkedIn in your sales prospecting strategy. You will learn more about:

  • Optimizing Your Profile & Your Company Page
  • Joining Industry Groups Conversations
  • Posting Intriguing & Relevant Content
  • Using LinkedIn Ads for Lead Generation


marketing automation heps you Follow Up with Your Leads

Do Everything You Can to Follow Up with Your Leads

Learn about the importance of following up and see what tools Mindmatrix has to make following up easier and gain insight on best practices.


marketing automation offers Leads generation via LinkedIn MSP

How to Generate Leads via LinkedIn-MSP Webinar

This webinar for MSPs is focused on LinkedIn Lead Generation and will answer the following questions in 30-minutes-

  • How to connect with the right people on LinkedIn?
  • What are the dos and don’ts of LinkedIn lead generation?
  • What are the ideal lead generation strategies for LinkedIn?


Profile that Pinpoints Your Prospects  channel enablement

How to Turn Your Real Life Network into an Online Lead Generator

Learn more about...

  • Using social media to leverage real life relationships and expand your social media presence
  • LinkedIn groups, referrals, introductions
  • Building your following and buzz on Twitter
  • How to use your offline network for blogging to bring traffic to your website


marketing automation software helps you Creating a Linkedin Profile that Pinpoints Your Prospects

Creating a Linkedin Profile that attracts the right prospects

This webinar will tell you -

  • How you can go about identifying your target audience
  • How to creatively customize existing fields
  • Why paying attention to details are important
  • What your profile says about you


The Changing Face of Sales enablement

Mindmatrix Webinar: The Changing Face of Sales Enablement

What does Sales Enablement look like today? Watch Sales Enablement thought leader Craig Nelson and Mindmatrix CEO Harbinder Khera discuss the changing face of sales enablement.


Social Media best practices for channel enablement

Social Media Best Practices

This webinar focuses on some industry best practices for social media and touches upon social strategy, engagement and when it makes sense to automate.


sales automation tool offers Landing Pages vs Web Pages

Landing Pages vs Web Pages

This webinar covers the differences between landing pages and web pages and tells you what strategies can make your landing pages more effective.


learn Email Marketing Basics with channel marketing automation software

Email Marketing Basics

This webinar will highlight some email marketing basics to get you going on your marketing initiatives.


marketing automation offers Managed Services Agreements

How to Use Marketing and Sales Automation to Generate Leads and Close more Cloud and Managed Services Agreements

Your business plan is the first step to your business success. This webinar will help you put together a great business plan for your MSP business. Attending this webinar will help you

  • Identify your business vision
  • Draw up goals that you need to achieve to attain that vision
  • Develop a game plan to achieve those goals
  • Identify the key metrics of your business plan
  • Identify the impact of your sales funnel on your business plan
  • Identify the key actions you need to take to make your business plan a success