With revenue resulting from sales automation expected to grow consistently and rapidly, how can you tap into this profitable market? Partner with Mindmatrix – the leading sales enablement company

Offer your customers the sales-driving benefits that sales automation software and marketing automation offers, while you benefit from this added stream of revenue. We currently offer two different levels of sales automation partnerships, so that you can choose the one that makes sense for you.

Who is teaming-up with Mindmatrix for sales automation?

Partners offering our sales automation software to enhance their brand and build new sources of revenue, include marketing and advertising agencies, communications and management consulting firms and CRM companies.

Sales Enablement And Marketing Automation Partnership Programs


As value-added resellers, our agency partners are small-to medium-sized firms who fully integrate the Mindmatrix sales automation software into their services to create their own unique value proposition.

Why Become An Agency Partner?

  • Present clients who adopt sales enablement and its the value, won't jump to the next “best” thing
  • Attract new clients with our value-adding sales automation software
  • Benefit from our personalized support and training as well as our clear, easy pricing
  • Get direct input into future product development
  • You get the personal commitment of our entire staff to your success

The Referral

If being an agency partner sounds like too much of a commitment, you can still earn money by referring your clients and website visitors to the Mindmatrix Sales Automation Software.

Why Become A Referral Partner?

  • It establishes your firm as an industry expert and contributes to positive brand equity
  • Each referral increases your revenue and allows you to offset the costs associated with your investment in the sales automation software
  • Benefit from our excellent record of lead conversion and positive feedback

The Marketing Service Partner

Whether you are a traditional ad agency, design firm, digital marketing firm or someone that creates inbound and/or outbound marketing for clients, you'll be able to take advantage of marketing automation with MindMatrix.

Why Become A Marketing Service Partner?

  • Access and use of our marketing automation platform for your company
  • Ability to serve multiple clients through one account
  • Opportunity for branded experience
  • Quick start onboarding for you and your clients
  • Up to one hour of initial training
  • Free support and access to our knowledge base
  • Pricing discounts based on number of clients served
  • Co-marketing opportunities