Engage in easy centralized local marketing

Mindmatrix partner marketing platform gives you an interface to create everything your channel partners and sales reps need from your corporate offices

You can create customized email campaigns, landing pages, advertising campaigns and sales materials right from the Mindmatrix interface and automatically customize those assets for each of your sales networks

Create and run a national digital advertising campaign with complete brand control, on behalf of local sales networks and drive the campaign leads directly to your local sales networks

The result is a centrally managed ad campaign that directs prospects to your channel partners and sales teams for purchase or follow-up

How do we do it?

Enjoy increased sales productivity

Salespeople spend way too much time looking for assets when they should be selling

Mindmatrix partner marketing platform allows you to define and track the steps, tasks and assets used throughout the process, see where bottlenecks occur or processes breakdown and analyze which assets are effective, allowing you to find areas to improve the way you sell

Mindmatrix’s asset management capabilities allow your sales networks to easily find and customize sales and marketing assets and share that information with prospects, while internal playbooks enable salespeople to understand what product assets to use at what stages of the sales cycle

Mindmatrix’s metrics and visibility tools let you see which assets sales people are using with what prospects at what stages of the sales cycle

You can use this information to coach sales staff to effectively use assets to improve their close rate and increase your revenue

How do we do it?

Easy onboarding of salespeople and channel partners

With Mindmatrix sales enablement software you can define the process flow for all types of leads and all the steps in your sales cycle

You can also detail which marketing and sales assets should be used at each step of the sales cycle and target that information by customer vertical, geographic region, or other criteria

By documenting processes, assets and playbooks, you can make it easy to onboard new sales people and train them correctly

Our built-in visibility tools and metrics make it easy to evaluate your training’s effectiveness

How do we do it?

Leverage social selling to connect to buyers earlier in buying process

Mindmatrix partner marketing platform's social listening module helps you identify prospects that are looking for your specific solution and route those leads directly to your sales team or channel partners

By doing this, your salespeople will then be able to engage prospects earlier in the buying journey and increase the probability that the prospect will buy from you instead of a competitor

How do we do it?

Engage better with sales networks and customers by using mobile

Mindmatrix Sales Enablement Software allows you to use video and text messaging to reach your sales channels and customers directly on their mobile devices

Get detailed reporting that shows you whether each individual prospect or team member watched the video or read the SMS

How do we do it?

Enjoy the benefits of personalization

Mindmatrix partner marketing platform makes big data actionable and customizes your marketing and sales messaging to suit your recipients based on your customer’s demographic and behavioral information

By creating assets that can be automatically customized by our partner marketing platform, you can significantly cut down corporate marketing costs while still giving your sales networks the personalized materials they need to close deals

Engage in effective cross-selling and up-selling with individualized offers and marketing materials tailored to suit specific customers

Mindmatrix Sales Enablement Software also helps you identify which marketing and sales assets are being used by sales teams and found useful by clients

This allows you to invest more in the assets that are getting results and stop supporting assets that either sales doesn’t use or clients don’t like

How do we do it?

Manage your brand better

Mindmatrix partner marketing platform provides a complete asset management system that enables salespeople to easily find and personalize the appropriate sales and marketing assets, while marketing still controls the branding and limits what sales people are allowed to personalize

This allows salespeople to help themselves so marketing teams can spend more time creating new materials and campaigns

How do we do it?

Manage your channels better

Mindmatrix gives you complete visibility into channel partner activities including the marketing/sales campaigns they engaged in, their usage of MDF funds, the leads they registered and their engagement quotient.

How do we do it?

A complete solution for enabling your sales networks

Mindmatrix Sales Enablement Software gives you tools that drive sales: Lead nurturing tools, so your leads are groomed till they are ready to make a purchase decision; lead scoring tools, so you can easily identify the leads that are ready to buy; alerts so that salespeople can be notified instantly by email or text messages whenever a prospect takes action; and automatic task generation, so that salespeople know which prospect to contact

With Mindmatrix your salespeople and channel partners get access to key sales assets and contacts via mobile device, while our dashboards and partner portals keep them updated on the latest prospect activities and campaign results at all times

With a template-based approach to sales collateral creation and features like CRM integration, Chrome/Outlook plug-in and sales presentation personalization, Mindmatrix gives you a complete solution for enabling your sales networks

How do we do it?