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Making direct sales teams smarter and more efficient at
selling with smart sales automation

Mindmatrix helps companies build smarter sales teams that can
sell more, faster, by providing them with a combination of sales automation tools
that help them track, connect, respond to, and close leads faster. Mindmatrix Sales Automation module offers:

What You Get

Repeatable Sales Enablement Process

Repeatable Sales Process

Mindmatrix's sales automation tools allow you to provide your sales teams a repeatable, scalable sales process through sales playbooks. You can seamlessly create sales playbooks and easily share them with your sales teams. By mapping the sales and marketing assets to relevant stages of the buyer’s journey, using the playbooks, you can ensure your salespeople use the right assets at each stage of the sales cycle. Mindmatrix playbooks act like a GPS, providing the clear directions that your salespeople need to reach their ultimate destination—closing a lead.

How It Works?
  • Playbooks
  • Asset
  • Asset
  • Template Based
    Asset Creation

100% Lead Visibility

Mindmatrix's sales automation tools give your sales teams a 360-degree view of their leads so your salespeople know exactly how engaged they are with your brand and where they stand in the sales cycle. It tracks and studies lead behavior across various touch points including landing pages, social media, websites and other interactions that give you a complete prospect profile. Your salespeople know exactly what their prospects are doing—which sales email was opened, which link was clicked and what whitepaper was downloaded.This insight into lead activity helps your salespeople approach their leads better and sell faster.

How It Works?
  • 360-Degree
    Prospect View
  • Alerts and

Easy Content Access

Mindmatrix’s features like asset filters and tags, powerful asset search engine and mobile access to assets make it easy for your salespeople to locate and use the right asset whenever and wherever they need it. And, even if they are not sure which asset to access, Mindmatrix makes it easy for them with its asset recommendations. Mindmatrix's sales automation tools help you address the three key challenges that your salespeople struggle with-- "What to say to prospects, when to say it and how to say it?”. Mindmatrix maps your content to relevant stages in the buyer’s journey, provides asset usage recommendations to your salespeople so they use the most effective content, and also offers mobile access to sales assets so your salespeople have anytime access to their assets, even when they are on the move.

How It Works?
  • Playbooks
  • Asset
  • Mobile
  • Global Asset
    Search Engine

Personalized Content

Mindmatrix's sales automation tools help your salespeople generate high-impact, personalized sales collateral without depending on marketing. Sales presentations (PPTs), emails, sales brochures, and even web marketing materials like landing pages and websites can be customized for each prospect to allow a high level of personalized selling. Our personalization feature works in real-time—that means your prospect's profiles are constantly refined to reflect their preferences and choices. Tap into this rich data source and enjoy the advantages of personalized sales and marketing such as improved customer retention, increased revenue & better lead closure rates.

How It Works?
  • Template-Based
    Asset creation
  • Content
  • Personalized
    Sales Presentation
  • Proposal

More Time To Sell

Free up your salespeople’s time with Mindmatrix's sales automation tools to let them do what they are best at--selling. By automating mundane, yet important tasks such as sending follow-up emails or making social media updates, Mindmatrix allows your salespeople to focus on their leads, while ensuring the other tasks keep happening in the background. It also saves your salespeople time by ensuring timely access to sales and marketing materials, cutting down their dependency on marketing and offering them a guided sales process so they can close more deals, faster. Features like CRM integration, e-contract signing, instant sales presentation/proposal/sales catalog generation make it easier for your salespeople to respond to their leads faster.

How It Works?
  • Playbooks
  • Asset
  • Mobile Access
    To Assets
  • Lead
    Nurturing Drips

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