Mindmatrix Partner Relationship Management software offers you increased visibility into channel partner/sales activities such as asset downloads, certifications acquired, lead interaction, etc. that help evaluate channel partner engagement levels. You can monitor lead registrations and the co-op fund usage of your channel partners. Mindmatrix Partner Relationship Management software also makes sales/ partner, onboarding, training and certification easy and lets you keep tabs on how they are performing.

Partner Relationship Management(PRM)

partner relationship management software

VP Operations

partner relationship management software

VP sales/
channel enablement

partner relationship management software


partner relationship management software




Channel partner/sales team performance and engagement visibility


MDF operations


Onboarding and training of salespeople and channel partners


Recruiting the right salespeople and channel partners


Enablement of salespeople and channel partners



  • Channel partner/sales team visibility and engagement analytics
  • MDF Operations

channel managementChannel partner/sales recruitment, on-boarding, training

Get all the tools you need to build powerful sales/partner training and onboarding programs. Built-in visibility tools and metrics make it easy to evaluate your training’s effectiveness.

partner relationship managementDeal registration mechanism

Eliminate channel conflicts, control the flow of leads across multiple channel partners and measure channel partner performance with the Mindmatrix deal registration system.

channel enablement softwareLead routing and distribution

Mindmatrix Partner Relationship Management software automatically assigns leads to the concerned channel partner/salesperson based on pre-set parameters specified by you. Also supports round-robin or priority routing as required

partner relationship management CRM Integration

Mindmatrix integrates with various CRMs allowing channel partners to integrate lead and opportunities from their CRMs onto the corporate CRM and acts as single point of usage for channel partners/sales teams across collateral, playbooks, contacts, campaigns and operations.

channel managementChannel communication tools

Use video and text messaging to reach your salespeople and channel partners and get detailed reporting that shows you their response.

What is partner relationship management (PRM)?

Partner relationship Management (PRM) is a combination of processes, technology and policies that allow vendors to manage their relationships with their partners.. Deploying partner relationship management software (PRM software) is key to effective PRM or partner relationship management.

Building and maintaining an effective partner relationship is the bedrock of a successful channel sales model. For your channel sales model to function as you want it to, you need to have a solid relationship with your channel partners.

A partner relationship management software or a PRM software makes partner relationship management easy and efficient by offering various tools that help vendors

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