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Sales and marketing concierge:
The missing piece in your channel enablement puzzle

One of the reasons sales and channel enablement programs don’t yield the expected results is because the end-users--the salespeople and channel partners aren’t responsive. They are too busy trying to sell, meeting with clients and in case of channel partners, they even have their own business to run.

Providing them with a sales platform, partner portal, training and certification programs, marketing and sales tools, etc.is one thing, but, ensuring they actually use them is a whole different ball game.

Our sales and marketing concierge services ensure your investment in the Mindmatrix platform is fully utilized. We take care of tasks like platform set up, campaign running, contact imports, etc., so your partners and salespeople can focus on what matters the most to them--closing their leads.

Exclusively designed to help partners and salespeople sell more, our sales and marketing concierge services include the following:.

  • Sending emails
  • Editing landing pages
  • Data cleanup and migration
  • Editing templates with personalized content
  • Generating marketing reports
  • Data scrubbing
  • Importing and Organizing leads and sales assets
  • Editing newsletter templates and sending newsletters on a monthly basis
  • Industry Related Alerts

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