Hundreds of Salesforce PRM users are using Bridge partner marketing add-ons to get more out of Salesforce PRM. What about you?

Bridge, from Mindmatrix, has an extensive partner marketing suite that is seamlessly deployed within SF PRM to provide a fully unified partner experience. As the industry’s leading Partner Marketing Software, Bridge integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to deliver powerful partner marketing capabilities including to, through, with and for-partner marketing (including TCMA) within the Salesforce environment.

Hundreds of Salesforce PRM

Bridge enhances the Salesforce PRM experience by allowing
you to enable your partner community with the following
partner marketing add-capabilities:

Automated personalization and co-branding of all partner-facing content to help partners market and sell better at local levels

Co-branded assets play a key role in partner sales success and consequently, in boosting partner engagement and adoption. Bridge integrates the most comprehensive suite of partner marketing tools (to, through, with & for-partner marketing & TCMA) with Salesforce PRM and that includes asset co-branding and personalization.

Use Bridge-SF PRM Partner Marketing Add-ons to enable your Salesforce Community Partners with white-labeled, ready-to-use assets generated automatically through our automated content co-branding tools.

Automated personalization and co-branding of all partner-facing content to help partners market and sell better at local levels

Comprehensive Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) suite covering-

  • Multi-tactic campaigns in a box (email, nurturing, social, web syndication)
  • Lead scoring
  • Digital buyer's journey reporting
  • Real-time notifications
Comprehensive Through Channel Marketing Automation

Video Personalization (Intros/Outros, Co-branded, and Personalized)

Next level personalization capabilities allowing partners to personalize the introductory and end segments of videos created at the corporate level. Examples include adding partner logo and contact information thereby highlighting the partner brand.

Video Personalization

Learn more about how Bridge integrates powerful partner marketing add-ons seamlessly into the Salesforce PRM environment and enables to, through, with and for partner marketing, so your partner community can drive more success with one platform - Salesforce PRM.

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Other benefits of integrating SF PRM
with Bridge include-

Sales playbooks to help your partners close faster

Playbooks offer your partners a proven, guided sales process helping them undertand what to say, when to say and how to say it

Training, certification and onboarding made easy

Streamline training, certification and onboarding of partners with engaging tools and workflows

Detailed reporting synchronized with Salesforce Community
  • Get detailed engagement reports on leads, opportunities and even your partners

  • Measure and drive lead/partner engagement through website tracking and lead scoring

Powerful asset management capabilities that integrate with Salesforce PRM

Salespeople/partners can access training materials and sales and marketing assets right from SF PRM

Minimize sales and marketing friction

Minimize sales and marketing friction by integrating outlook, Gmail and CRM plug-ins

Solution selling made easy

Facilitates solution selling with alliance partner product and provides sales playbooks for partners

5-level Salesforce integration

The Salesforce Integration happens at 5 levels—assets, playbooks, contacts, campaigns and operations

Easy landing page setup

Create powerful landing pages that let you run lead gen campaigns for partners

Syndicated social media marketing

Create partner-syndicated social media drip campaigns to help your partners push your brand

Intelligent lead nurturing campaigns

Warm up cold leads with intelligent lead nurturing campaigns

Bridge is deployed by some of the
industry’s leading companies including