Bridge helps companies build smarter sales teams that can sell more, faster, by providing them with a combination of sales automation tools that help them track, connect, respond to, and close leads faster.

Make your direct sales teams smarter and more efficient at selling with Bridge! Take a look at the Bridge platform's smart sales automation capabilities.

Bridge sales automation

Email automation

  • Salespeople can create and send (or schedule) powerful, personalized email campaigns using pre-approved email templates
  • Ability to send and track emails from phone
  • Get alerts and notifications when someone opens or clicks on a link in the email
  • Access detailed reports on how the corporate email campaigns fared
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Bridge email automation

Click-to-dial automation capabilities

  • Integrates with Twilio and other voice platforms to allow calling
  • Supports delivery of assets such as pre-recorded voicemail messages
  • Integrates with the playbook
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Bridge Click-To-Dial Automation Capabilities

Print marketing

  • Create powerful, personalized print (PDF) marketing and sales materials using pre-approved templates
  • Share print quality PDFs with prospects via email
  • Access print collateral on your phone
  • Share the print collateral with the print vendor directly for production
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Bridge Print marketing

Unlimited Sales and Marketing Service and
Support at No Additional Cost!

Social media automation

  • Powerful social media automation tools to help you run congruent corporate and sales-level social media campaigns
  • Automated social media drips to keep your social media efforts consistent
  • Utilize social lead generation and prospecting tools that help you connect with quality leads easily
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
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Bridge Social Media Automation

Lead alerts and notifications

  • Get instant updates on key prospect behaviour via SMS and emails prompting you to take the right action on time
  • You can also set task-reminders for your sales users
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Bridge Lead Alerts And Notifications

Sales playbooks

  • "What to say to prospects, when to say it and how to say it?" Answered!
  • Automatically map your sales and marketing assets to relevant stages of the buyer's journey
  • Provide your salespeople with the right assets for each stage of the sales cycle
  • Playbooks are flexible and dynamic, allowing users to add any marketing or sales asset including PDFs, presentations, web assets, videos or infographics and lead nurturing emails, to name a few
  • Voice integrated playbooks
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Bridge Sales Playbooks

Email contract signing

  • Supports electronic document and contract signing enabling customers and salespeople to electronically sign contracts and agreements
  • E-contract signing is also supported on smartphones so your deals can be formalized anytime, anywhere
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Bridge Email Contract Signing

Gmail/Outlook 365 plugins with tracking

  • Integrates seamlessly with Chrome and Outlook helping sales teams add a more personal touch to their interaction with leads
  • All assets, lead lists, lead response notifications and campaign reports can be accessed from the email client using the plug-in
  • Real-time synchronization of email contacts, group contacts, new recipients and tasks with the Bridge contact database
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Bridge Gmail/Outlook 365 Plugins With Tracking

How do you benefit from Bridge
sales automation platform?

  • sales-process

    Get a repeatable, scalable sales process

  • sales-messaging

    Sales messaging is on-point as the sales team uses the right assets for each prospect at each stage of the sales cycle

  • salespeople

    Salespeople get 100% lead visibility with a 360-degree view of leads so they can respond better

  • template-based

    Quick, template-based, personalized sales content generation allowing salespeople to create high-impact, personalized sales collateral without depending on marketing

  • speeds-up

    Speeds up the sales process by supporting generation of customized sales catalogs, presentations and proposals by salespeople, cutting down their dependency on marketing

  • social-media-updates

    Your salespeople get more time to sell as you automate mundane, yet important tasks such as sending follow-up emails or making social media updates