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Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tools

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is anything but easy. Right from stage I—recruiting
the channel partner to ensuring they perform efficiently, there are multiple challenges. Attracting the right
channel partner, training them, keeping them engaged, and giving them freedom to operate is a real
challenge and Mindmatrix's Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tools help you meet these challenges effectively.

Here's what you get with Mindmatrix

What You Get

PRM Software

Increased Partner Engagement

Mindmatrix's Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tools drive greater partner engagement by offering you a range of tools that help boost partner engagement and also measure it. With Mindmatrix, partner engagement will no longer be a vague concept, but a tangible piece of the puzzle. Mindmatrix increases partner visibility, allowing you to manage leads and opportunities to better plan and address partner success. Through the use of co-branded assets, MDF management, and partner engagement services, including partner marketing and sales concierge, Mindmatrix helps your partners market and sell your brand better, while in-turn, keeping them engaged with your brand. Don't just boost partner engagement, measure it!

How It Works?
  • Training
    and Onboarding
  • Business
  • Incentives &
  • Cobranded

100% Visibility

Mindmatrix gives you 100% visibility into your channel and sales pipeline as well as your channel partner activities. Mindmatrix offers detailed reporting and analytics tools that offer you in-depth views of

  • Opportunities and sales pipeline: One glance is all it will take with Mindmatrix to understand how your sales and channel pipeline is doing. Know the status of your pipeline at any given time and get detailed sales reports on varied sales metrics, such as-performance of channel partners, deals won, opportunities lost, sales cycle duration, most popular product/service, etc.
  • Partner engagement metrics: Learn how engaged your channel partners are with their leads as well as with your brand. Find out what sales campaigns they deployed, how many leads they reached out to, how and what were the results. Know if they attended the latest training webinar or took the last certification test or downloaded the most recent sales handbook that you released for them.
  • Channel partner performance: Figure out how your channel partners are doing. Get detailed reports that help you quantify their performance. See what each of them is doing right or wrong and understand what your top performers are doing differently. Use this data for corrective measures, partner coaching or to add to your channel management best practices.
How It Works?
  • Opportunity
  • Reporting
    and Analytics
  • 360-Degree
    Partner View


Mindmatrix helps you scale up your partner network while being able to support them effectively and efficiently. Mindmatrix's Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tools make it easy for you to manage partner onboarding and training, channel communications, MDF, etc., with limited resources, so you don’t have to worry about supporting your growing partner network.

How It Works?
  • Training
    and Onboarding
  • MDF & Deal
  • Partner
  • Lead
Better MDF Management with channel enablement software

Better MDF Management

Keeping track of MDF distributed to multiple channel partners, for multiple different marketing needs, can be a hassle. With Mindmatrix's Partner Relationship Management (PRM) module, it is easy to manage your channel partners’ designated MDF. Your channel partners can apply for MDF funds via their partner portal on Mindmatrix and you can view their fund usage and approve or reject their MDF request. Always knowing which partners are spending MDF and what they are spending it on ensures that you make the most of your marketing funds.

Eliminate Channel Conflicts

Mindmatrix allows you to manage your lead registration process efficiently by creating an avenue where your channel partners can register new leads. You get to control the flow of leads to your channel partners and to approve every lead registration. No more channel conflicts as Mindmatrix ensures no one wastes their time competing for the same customer. Once the lead has been registered, one channel partner will follow-up with the lead and the others can move on to other business. You can also use the information from the lead registration process as a metric to judge partner performance.

How It Works?
  • MDF
  • Deal
Easy partner recuritment with channel enablement software

Recruit Partners with Ease

Recruiting partners is as challenging as generating leads and prospecting end users. You need to work on a strategy for how to reach out with consistent, quality messaging and develop a recruiting process. You need to understand which partner is most interested and then reach out to them accordingly. Mindmatrix Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tools offer you all the tools you need to attract and recruit the right channel partners. Examples include landing pages and forms to attract partner sign-ups, lead (potential partner) scoring, segmentation and management, potential partner nurturing drips (emails/SMS), lead (potential partner) activity monitoring and triggers to make the right move at the right time.

How It Works?
  • Partner
    Recruitment Tools

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