Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is anything but easy. Right from stage I—recruiting the channel partner to ensuring they perform efficiently, there are multiple challenges to address. Attracting the right channel partner, training them, keeping them engaged, giving your channel partners the freedom to operate like an independent unit while ensuring they are operating efficiently—are just some of them. Mindmatrix’s partner relationship management software (PRM software) helps you resolve these challenges effectively.

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Here's how Mindmatrix PRM Software helps:

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What are the must-haves of a partner relationship
management software (PRM software)

Partner relationship management software, or PRM software plays a key role in the success of your partner relationship efforts. However, it is extremely important to choose the PRM software that fits your needs well. Ideally, a PRM software should cover the following

  • Partner recruitment support
  • Training, onboarding and certification management
  • Opportunity management
  • Lead routing
  • Deal registration
  • Partner portals
  • MDF Management
  • Incentive and rewards management
  • Channel marketing support via channel marketing automation, personalized content generation, etc.
  • Channel sales enablement and support via playbooks, e-contract signing, etc.

Your investment in partner relationship management software is more likely to pay off if your PRM software uses a holistic approach to partner relationship management that includes corporate and channel marketing automation and channel sales enablement. Most PRM software vendors, however offer PRM software that covers only the very basic PRM software features. They fail to cover channel marketing automation and channel sales enablement, which can result in failure of your PRM project.

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