End-to-End Lead Management with Bridge

Lead management is the process of capturing leads, tracking their activities and behavior, and educating, qualifying and engaging them until they are converted into loyal customers.

Bridge offers effective end-to-end lead management capabilities.

Importing leads into the Bridge platform

The leads can be added into the Bridge platform manually or imported from a list. The Bridge platform supports import of spreadsheet files of the Excel and CSV categories.

Lead sharing

The leads in the Bridge platform can be shared and ownership can be transferred to other users at any time.

Lead nurturing

Bridge has excellent lead nurturing capabilities such as

  • Drip email campaigns
  • Personalized asset generation based on lead attributes and behavior

Bridge tracks lead behavior across multiple touchpoints such as landing pages, emails and social media and uses this information to further create laser focused lead follow-up and nurturing campaigns. Nurturing leads with Bridge is an easy and visual experience. Corporate marketing can create the nurturing drips in a few simple steps and even run the lead nurturing campaigns on behalf of the partners.

Meaningful lead interactions through asset recommendations and playbooks

Based on lead behavior, attributes and the position of the lead on the sales cycle, the Bridge platform’s asset recommendation engine offers suggestions to the User regarding the asset to be shared with the lead.

A single repository for all lead communications, including e-contracts

The Bridge platform provides users with access to all kinds of lead communication data including emails, brochures, sales presentations, product catalogs, sales proposals, quotations and more! The Bridge platform even has an e-contract signing module, whereby the contracts can be shared with the leads for digital execution, thus taking care of the final step of the sales process.

Lead reporting

The Bridge platform offers a 360-degree view of all the leads in the system. It analyzes the complete digital footprint of the lead (email opens, form fills, website visits, social engagement, whitepaper downloads, link clicks, etc.,) and provides an in-depth picture of each lead. This insight into lead activity helps partners approach their leads better and sell faster.

The users can view detailed reports for the leads created or owned by them, and also for the leads shared with them. This data can then be sliced and diced by the Users in various custom reports and the knowledge can be used to engage in more meaningful conversations with the leads.

Smart lead lists, alerts and to-dos

The Bridge platform also allows Users to create smart lists based on various lead behavior or attributes and sends email notifications or alerts related to those smart lists to the smart list owners/Users with whom the smart list is shared. Users can also generate ‘To Do's' in the Bridge platform that specify the next step to be taken with respect to the leads in the smart list.

Lead scoring

Bridge’s lead scoring functionality develops a reasoned, relevant process for scoring leads and ranks them based on various well-defined parameters such as lead behavior, lead characteristics and other custom conditions. The Bridge platform assigns scores to leads based on their attributes and interactions with your sales and marketing materials. In simple terms every click, open, or download, the leads are assigned a certain number of points. The lead score helps in classifying the leads as hot, medium or cold based on their engagement levels, helping the User to focus on leads who are more likely to close, while channeling the others to a lead nurturing program within the Bridge platform.

Lead routing

Whenever a lead flows in at the corporate level, through whatever the Bridge platform can automatically assign it to a partner based on pre-set parameters specified at the corporate level. These parameters include location, zip code, expertise, partnership levels or other attributes as specified by the company. The platform also supports round-robin or priority routing.

CRM Integration

The Bridge platform integrates seamlessly with leading CRM platforms to share leads and lead data in real-time.

GDPR Compliance

As a data processor, we know that it is our responsibility to ensure our clients are able to comply with the GDPR consent regulations when they use our platform and hence the Bridge platform is equipped with a GDPR compliant data firewall.

Related modules

Bridge’s lead management functionality derives its capabilities from various modules across the application including