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Create, store, retrieve and track your sales and marketing
assets in one click with our smart sales and
marketing asset management tools

Mindmatrix serves as a single storage repository for all your sales and marketing assets, tracking asset performance,
offering mobile access to assets and helping you maintain brand integrity as well as meet compliance regulations.
Mindmatrix also offers content syndication of sales and marketing assets to third party
sites and partner portals for use at the local level. Mindmatrix's marketing and sales asset management module offers:

What You Get

One Voice and messaging with marketing automation

One Voice

Mindmatrix offers you multiple tools to eliminate brand and messaging deviations and to help you exercise tighter control over your assets and corporate voice. For example, our template-based asset creation feature ensures greater brand consistency while allowing your salespeople to customize assets for greater personal impact. Mindmatrix also offers user-role based access permission system which lets you decide who gets to access what asset. You can also set limits to the extent of edits they can make and prevent unauthorized access and use of the asset. With the asset approval and expiry feature, you don’t have to worry about your salespeople not using the latest and most accurate versions of sales and marketing collateral. Mindmatrix even has an asset recommendation engine that suggests your salespeople the correct asset—the one that is most relevant and thus most likely to be effective, based on various factors such as the position of the buyer in the sales cycle, buyer behavior, buyer attributes and the opportunity.

Mindmatrix gives your sales and marketing teams ‘One-Voice’ that resonates with the corporate messaging, while still leaving room for that personal touch.

How It Works?
  • Template-Based
    Asset Creation
  • Asset
  • Role-Based
    Asset Access
  • Asset Approval
    and Expiry
Know What Really Works with Mindmatrix

Know What Really Works

Mindmatrix offers you tools that help you understand which of your assets are effective and which ones are not. It also allows your salespeople to provide direct feedback on the assets made available to them by marketing. With Mindmatrix’s detailed asset reporting features, you can measure the effectiveness of every asset type including playbooks, emails, presentations, landing pages or PDFs created in the system. Learn who is using the asset, how often and at what sales stage. Learn how your prospects interacted with them. Get answers to questions like which emails get maximum opens, which e-guides are most popular and which pages on your site get maximum hits, and more.

How It Works?
  • Asset Rating and
    Feedback System
  • Asset

Personalized Assets

Mindmatrix helps your salespeople generate high-impact, personalized sales collateral without depending on marketing. Sales presentations (PPTs), emails, sales brochures, and even web marketing materials like landing pages and websites can be customized for each prospect to allow a high level of personalized marketing and sales. Our personalization feature works in real-time—that means your prospect's profiles are constantly refined to reflect their preferences and choices. Tap into this rich data source and enjoy the advantages of personalized sales and marketing such as improved customer retention, increased revenue and better lead closure rates.

How It Works?
  • Asset

Easy Asset Access

Mindmatrix’s features like asset filters and tags, powerful asset search engine and mobile access to assets make it easy for your salespeople to locate and use the right asset whenever and wherever they need it. And, even if they are not sure which asset to access, Mindmatrix makes it easy for them with its asset recommendations.

How It Works?
  • Global Asset
    Search Engine
  • Mobile
    Asset Access
  • Asset
Asset management Catalog/Proposal Generation

Catalog/Proposal Generation

With Mindmatrix, your salespeople can generate complete customized proposals or product catalogs to share with their prospects, all in a few clicks. Mindmatrix lets you store all the information related to your products/services in the platform and uses it to generate product catalogs or pricing proposals quickly. Plus, the information in the output will be pulled from the database. So, any change will automatically reflect across all your marketing and sales collateral. This allows for easy modification of data as required, and saves time and eliminates re-work and reproduction costs.

How It Works?
  • Product Database

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