How well is your marketing team able to support your sales networks? Are you able to promote your brand and value proposition the way you’d really like? Often there is a disconnect between how the company’s core marketing team would like to position its brand versus how it is finally presented. Mindmatrix can help fix this disconnect through its corporate and channel marketing enablement consulting services. We realize the importance of true marketing-sales alignment and the impact any discord can have on your brand.

For the last 18 years, we have been helping corporate marketing teams support their sales networks better by aligning marketing and sales functions efficiently. Our corporate and channel marketing consulting services can help you drive greater sales revenue and enjoy better marketing ROI.

No matter how you sell and market (direct sales teams, independent reps, channel partners or dealers), we can help make your marketing and sales processes more efficient and more attuned to each other.

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Our corporate and channel marketing enablement experts can help you
  • Generate inbound leads
  • Build your brand in the local market
  • Rank higher in search engines
  • Stand out from the crowd and get your brand noticed
  • Manage your leads better
  • Monitor, measure and optimize your marketing performance
  • Build and execute laser-focused marketing and sales campaigns
  • Make your business data actionable
  • Engage in effective multi-channel marketing activities