Building a versatile partner engagement
model with PRM software

For your partner engagement model to really work, it has to be relevant. A lot of businesses capture partner profiles and characteristics in the early stages of the vendor-partner relationship but fail to keep them updated. In order to be able to engage partners throughout the vendor-partner relationship, and to keep the relationship sustainable, vendors need to update their partner profiles regularly and ensure the partner engagement model deployed for each partner profile type is relevant at all times.

Updating the partner profile often, helps vendors engage their partners better. Building a versatile partner engagement model involves thoroughly understanding who your partners are, what motivates them and then deciding to use those motivational factors to engage them with your brand.

Capturing partner profiles and keeping them relevant in today's hyper-competitive B2B environment can be challenging. Your partners are constantly generating digital footprint−data that tells you more about them, and you need to be able to capture, understand and act on it at the right time. Partner competencies are dynamic too, and the answers to questions like who comprises your partner set, what else they sell, how they sell, where they sell and with who else are you competing for mindshare, all need to be answered before you can create the blueprint for an effective partner engagement program.

The next step is to personalize your messaging to appeal to each of the prospect personas. It is giving your partners a custom partner passport which provides them access to personalized partner journeys, workflows, onboarding, training, asset delivery, sales recommendations and not just marketing and sales messages.

Watch this space next week for more on how to profile your partner sets to create custom partner passports.


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