Better Partner Marketing with Partner
Marketing Software Automation

Vendors relying on the channel model, by definition, need to maintain strict control of their entire brand, from the product or service itself to the entire marketing and sales process. It is at the very core of a successful channel based business model. This model, however, comes into conflict with two realities.

First, channel partners have a legitimate and valid wish to tailor and refine the corporate marketing plan to meet the vagaries of their individual market. They have an understandable drive to ensure that marketing efforts respond to regional interests and local demographics. Activities such as creating personalized marketing collateral based on their own regional demographic and behavioral data, can significantly increase marketing effectiveness.

Second, and this is a more recent development, are the opportunities presented by personalized marketing, as ushered in by Big Data-that vast amount of specific buyer information acquired through websites, point-of-sale terminals and other digital sources. This growth of available customer data, as well as the rise of individual interaction through online and social media has created a customer expectation for personalized interactions.

This second issue presents a direct challenge to corporate control. By definition, big data and social media cannot be used to their fullest potential if they are controlled at the corporate level. The value of social media and this accumulated data is that they allow us to market on a focused individual level.

The broad question arises then, how can a corporation free its channel partners to use these new platforms and this new data to market more effectively at the channel level, without losing control of the entire brand?

The answer to meeting the demand of these seemingly conflicting needs-local, individualized marketing and strong corporate brand control is provided by partner marketing software and channel marketing automation software.

Specifically, this paper reviews how channel partners can be freed to design their own sales and marketing materials, make use of big data and utilize social media for marketing purposes. Please download our partner marketing software whitepaper to learn more.


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