About Us

Unique to the industry, MindMatrix offers Next-Generation Marketing Automation Software on a single unified platform for Sales and Marketing. Our solutions offer a complete integration of the two key functions, helping our clients achieve the maximum benefit from their investment in sales and marketing.

MindMatrix’s Marketing Automation Software — AMP brings about total sales-marketing alignment so you can enjoy the benefits of a perfectly-aligned, tightly connected sales and marketing process. While most marketing automation solutions focus on marketing, AMP is the single marketing automation software that provides solutions for both marketing as well as sales.

Our product offerings for sales include on-demand sales materials creation, lead prospecting, and smart lead management. On the marketing front, our solutions cover demand generation, brand management, quality lead generation, lead nurturing, social media automation, lead scoring, and marketing materials creation across print and digital media.

MindMatrix also provides small business marketing automation solutions to help home business and small business owners maximize their marketing and sales effectiveness. We have over 1000 small businesses using our marketing tools to boost their success.

Our leading-edge Marketing Automation Software allows you to

  • Sell more efficiently by strengthening the connection between your marketing and sales teams
  • Reduce marketing and process costs
  • Stand out from the crowd, attract new customers, and retain existing ones
  • Become more effective at driving revenue over an extended period of time
  • Scale up your sales organization without a steep hike in your marketing costs
  • Enjoy greater coordination and flexibility between your marketing and sales efforts

MindMatrix has developed sophisticated yet flexible tools that can meet marketing and sales needs in businesses of all sizes and in all industries, including real estate, technology, professional services, manufacturing / distribution, retail, advertising and design firms to bring about seamless marketing and sales alignment.