Presenting a complete set of small business marketing tools that is…

Specially designed for sales-marketing alignment in small businesses

From MindMatrix - a company with...

Over 14 years of experience supporting small businesses… helping them grow, build their brand, improve marketing effectiveness and boost sales

MindMatrix has

1000+ small businesses using our small business marketing tools to
maximize their marketing and sales effectiveness…

"As a small business owner, I found it challenging to achieve the results I expected with limited marketing budget and resources. But, MindMatrix's small business marketing tools changed all that. Now my marketing process is more effective and is able to efficiently support the sales team's demands. There's significant increase in sales and revenue without high marketing investment."

- Thomas Vogel, Vemma Brand Partner

Scale up your sales without increasing marketing costs

Small business marketing tools to grow your sales organization without increasing your marketing costs

As a small business owner, you may have little, if any, money to devote purely to marketing. More likely, the "marketing department" is you! This ultimately can become a crippling bottleneck as you try to grow your business.

Backed by over 14 years of experience in marketing automation and with over 1000 small businesses as our clients, we at MindMatrix thoroughly understand the challenges faced by small business owners like you. That's why we have a tailored marketing automation solution just for you.

Finally... a small business marketing tool that lets you develop your brand, improve marketing effectiveness and boost your sales effectiveness—all without needing to add marketing resources.

Make the most of your marketing investment with MindMatrix's small business marketing solution.

Develop and maintain the brand identity of your small business

Powerful small business marketing tools to help you grow your brand & enhance your brand presence!

  • Utilize a template-based approach to creating sales and marketing materials assuring zero deviation from your branding standards
  • Expand your reach by promoting your brand across different marketing channels including the web, print media, social media and more!
  • Adjust your marketing and sales materials to fit different market segments or regions without compromising on your branding standards 
  • Ensure that any changes to product specs, data, or brand are accurately transferred to every marketing platform simultaneously by using our database driven modules
  • Auto-synchronization of information between your marketing and sales teams ensures accuracy and consistency of sales and marketing materials
Automated sales & marketing materials creation for your small business

With Marketing no longer a bottle-neck, get what you need…when you need it!

  • Easily create personalized HTML e-mails, PDF flyers/brochures, high-impact landing pages, e-books, or Facebook fan pages
  • A template-driven approach that minimizes the work of your marketing team
  • Sales can independently generate marketing/sales material using the templates created by marketing
  • Virtually eliminates opportunities for error and eliminates duplication and obsolescence costs
Engage in powerful small business marketing that lets you attract global and local leads

Why limit yourself to local leads? Go global now!

  • Track visitors to your web pages and marketing platforms
  • Get instant access to details such as who visited your webpage, who opened your e-mail, how many times they clicked on the links and more!
  • Alter or personalize your marketing strategy, based on a 360° prospect view to elicit better response
  • Don't ignore local leads! Create localized sales agent sites and promotions on various media
  • Create localized sales and marketing materials including flyers, brochures, sales proposals, print advertisements, HTML e-mails, e-books, flash presentations, landing pages and more!
Smart lead management

Each lead is different. Why treat them the same?

  • Powerful lead segmentation capabilities automatically classify your leads into pre-defined categories—in real time
  • Automatically move your leads from one small business marketing program to another, depending on their changing needs
  • In-depth lead insight tracks across all marketing/sales channels including e-mails, website, landing pages and social media 
  • Strong lead scoring functionality helps you quantify lead quality and alter your marketing / sales approach based on the lead's position on the sales continuum
Stay connected with your prospects & customers

Establish a powerful relationship with your core target audience!

  • Grow your customer base and watch your small business grow automatically!
  • Keep in touch with your prospects and customers through automated, yet personalized drip campaigns
  • Our automated campaigns use a template-driven approach. Once the drip templates are created by you or your marketing team, all that sales has to do is 'Run' it!
Maximize your exposure… increase sales

Small business looking to get big? Getting noticed is the first step to it!

  • Multi-channel marketing supports e-mail marketing, websites, print and social media to strengthen your brand exposure
  • Generate personalized HTML e-mails, custom Facebook pages, personalized PDF documents such as brochures or flyers of your products and services and landing pages tailored for your prospects
  • Generate marketing and sales videos for YouTube to attract MLM leads
  • Showcase your offerings on 3rd party classified sites such as Craigslist and Oodle—free of cost!
  • Custom SEO packages available to boost your web exposure
Small business marketing support and fulfillment for sales

Get all the help you need to sell more…

  • Virtual assistant services do the mundane tasks you don't have time for, such as populating content or cleaning up flyers, brochures, presentations or other marketing / sales materials
  • Content creation support for newsletters, blogs, marketing e-mails and even websites : Get high search engine rankings through relevant value-adding content generation that's well targeted to your prospects
  • Have the idea, but need to refine and develop it? Use our marketing design services : Design support for websites, templates, landing pages and more
  • 24-hour customer support to answer any queries that you may have regarding our product
Automating sales efforts for faster small business success

Because it takes a lot to close a deal…

  • Takes the pressure off sales by automating sales functions so that they can focus on the most important leads
  • Sends auto-responders, newsletters, product updates, greetings, event invitations, sales proposals and more!
  • Tracks each prospect's response to every campaign step and analyzes this vast new store of data
  • Automatically unsubscribes prospects from your company's mailing list, upon request
  • Places prospects on appropriate lead-nurturing programs till they achieve the desired lead score
  • Generates e-mail alerts for sales when a prospect/customer places an on-line request to be contacted
E-mail marketing tool for small business

Boost your small business marketing efforts with our powerful e-mail marketing module!

  • Create personalized, high-impact HTML e-mail campaigns and easily track the results
  • Intuitive e-mail creation interface, equipped with easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor makes e-mail content modification very easy
  • Pre-defined themes and pre-designed e-mail marketing templates make it easy for the sales team to generate well-designed e-mails 
  • Custom design options available
Social media automation for your small business

Harness the power of social media marketing - go viral

Data repository

A single-point storage for all your data

  • Maintain a repository of all your products or services in database format
  • Use the database to auto-populate your sales or marketing materials
  • Database follows a relational structure, meaning any change in one field will automatically reflect in other relevant fields
    For example: The price of your product increases by $50. You need to make the change in the database only once. Our system automatically updates all the marketing/sales materials where the price is listed
  • Minimize chances for error and save time and resources that would have been spent keeping sales and marketing materials updated
Campaign reporting & analytics

Small business marketing automation is not complete until
you see the results...

  • Know the results of your marketing campaigns
  • Evaluate campaign data and analyze it to know what works and what doesn't
  • Optimize your limited marketing resources
  • Over 20 built-in report formats to choose from, or generate reports based on your own customized parameters
  • Reports can be programmed to conform to your branding standards