Use sales enablement to give your independent reps and brokers the
power they need to make an impact

Selling through independent reps or brokers is a whole different ball game. Unlike direct sales teams that have on-demand access to sales and marketing support, independent reps and brokers are largely on their own. Plus, independent reps don’t like to be bothered with non-sales tasks and often work with multiple brands.

Mindmatrix rep enablement software resolves all the challenges of the independent rep/broker based sales model by providing independent reps with all the sales tools they need to close leads. It also allows businesses to monitor the performance of their independent reps/brokers and support them effectively.

Using our rep enablement software, independent reps and brokers can get access to sales playbooks that provide them with all the information they need to push a product—from FAQs that their leads might ask, to any new product feature, the sales playbook has all the answers. Plus, reps and brokers enjoy a 360-degree view of prospect activities and access to customized marketing and sales materials that help them engage in personalized sales communication with their prospects.

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