Personalization of Sales Materials

Personalization of Marketing materials

Are time constraints forcing your sales team to adopt unfocused, generic marketing tactics towards every prospect?

Mindmatrix's Marketing Automation Software, AMP collects prospect data from various available sources– website visits, marketing campaign responses, CRM databases and then analyzes the data and uses that information intelligently to allow a high level of personalized sales approach.

AMP helps you personalize your interaction with prospects by providing you an in-depth understanding of your prospects and their interaction with your business. This knowledge allows you to refine your sales approach and determine your best response.

Using AMP's personalization module you can—

  • Change the look of your sales materials based on custom contact-related parameters. Examples include: changing the template colors, increasing the font size based on prospect's preferences or demographics
  • Change the text of sales materials so that the data has more relevance to the recipient
  • Alter your sales or marketing materials based on pre-defined time frames. Examples include: sending personalized reminders or follow up e-mails
  • Modify your sales material based on recipient activity. Examples include: changing the mode of communication for prospects who don't respond to a particular medium, or sending personalized e-mails to prospects that click on a particular link or visit a particular page of your website

The key benefit of using this module is, while most marketing automation solutions only provide content personalization, AMP allows you to engage in tailor-made sales tactics by allowing you to customize the visual look and feel of your sales materials to suit your prospects.

AMP's personalization module is intelligent and works in real-time—that means your prospect's profiles are constantly refined to reflect their preferences and choices. Tap into this rich data source and enjoy the advantages of personalized sales approach, improved customer retention, increased revenue & margins.

Personalized sales materials