Integrate your channel partners into your business seamlessly with our Channel marketing solutions…

At MindMatrix we realize how important multiple channel partners are to your success. We also realize that blending your channel partners into your organization can be a challenge. Not every partner may share your marketing vision or know your business and target market as good as you. That is why we at MindMatrix offer you a range of channel marketing solutions that assist you in providing your channel partners a push in the right direction.

Here's how teaming up with Mindmatrix supports your channel marketing efforts...

Custom branded portal

Signing up with us provides your channel partners access to a custom-branded portal where they can log-in, at any time, and get access to all information that’s relevant to them. Whether it’s a new marketing campaign that they have to engage in or a hot-lead they need to follow-up on—all it takes is a single look at their customized dashboard.

Personalized marketing collateral and campaigns

Worried that your channel partners are not portraying your brand as you would like them to? Now your channel partners will have access to ready-to-use, personalized marketing and sales collateral. While you get to decide the key elements of the collateral, they get instant, on-demand access to sales and marketing materials. And…not only can you make marketing template-centric, but you can also do the same to your marketing and sales campaigns. All your channel partners have to do is pick the right sales collateral or marketing campaign and get started. No more worries about your branding standards being sabotaged, or your channel partners not conveying your message correctly!

Multi-channel marketing support

You know you need to tap different marketing media to reach out to your prospects effectively. But what happens if you channel partners are not comfortable with the idea? When you provide your channel partners with access to our solutions, you provide them with easy-to-use multi-channel marketing tools that help them market your brand effortlessly on different marketing channels. Whether it’s next-generation marketing avenues like social media or simple web marketing or even print marketing, with our solutions, your channel partners will find it easy and effective.

Help your channel partners know how well they are doing

One common challenge businesses face when dealing with multiple channel partners is lack of transparency. What if you could share a transparent, truly seamless relationship with your channel partners? Well, MindMatrix’s partner resource management solutions can make this a reality. With our solutions, you and your channel partners would be able to see all the details of marketing/sales campaigns that were engaged in. Not just that, both parties would have access to related campaign data—such as success rates, lead-inflow as a result of the campaign etc. That way both parties can measure the results of their marketing efforts and more importantly your channel partners know where they stand.

So what are you waiting for? Channel it with MindMatrix today!

In short, MindMatrix’s Partner Resource Management solutions enable you to offer your channel partners with the right set of tools that will help them succeed…and their success is your success! Why not get in touch with us today to know more about how we can help you manage your channel partners effectively?