Taking Lead Accessibility to the Next Level With Marketing Automation

Being in sales also means constantly being on-the-move. But, that's no excuse to lose track of your prospects! Presenting AMP, a Marketing Automation Software from MindMatrix that is equipped with iPhone and Android applications that help you monitor and stay in touch with your leads even when you are not in office.

AMP's iPhone/Android application is your gateway to the AMP dashboard on-the-go—from your mobile device. The iPhone/Android app allows you to

  • Instantly access the AMP dashboard where you can view contact activity
  • Follow-up with your prospects and clients automatically
  • Add contacts easily from your phone's address book into AMP
  • Search for contacts and get contact information easily
  • Send e-mails at the press of a button on your phone
  • Command AMP to put your contacts on relevant drips

Too busy at your workstation to follow-up on what your leads are doing? Use AMP's desktop widget to stay on track

Get instant, real-time updates on your prospect activities, with AMP's desktop widget. Know when a prospect opens your e-mail, or clicks on a link, so you can follow up instantaneously.

AMP's desktop widget is your gateway to live prospect feeds, dynamic contact synchronization, one-touch e-mail creation and instant dashboard and profile information access. Get instant notifications and alerts when prospects visit your website, social media page or other communication materials. All you have to do is log into the desktop application when you turn on your computer. It will run in the background and keep you connected with your prospects—even when you are not on the AMP web application.