Channel marketing enablement is the process of making it easy for your channel partners to market your brand, products or services. Channel marketing enablement also works to align corporate marketing function with partner sales. A challenge that the channel sales model brings with it is lack of local marketing and sales communication. For your sales to truly take off at local levels, you need great marketing and sales campaigns, designed for the local audience. You may be a brand, but for the end consumer, it is all about who they are buying from. If you want your partners to be able to sell your products/services effectively, you need to make them a part of your brand. And, channel marketing enablement lets you do just that--seamlessly weave your brand into that of your channel partner’s at the local level.

What role does channel marketing automation play in channel enablement?

Channel marketing automation lowers your channel partner’s dependence on corporate marketing. One of the reasons why channel partners aren't able to push vendor products as effectively as they'd like to is lack of support from the corporate marketing team. The vendor's corporate marketing team is too busy to offer individualized channel marketing support to each channel partner. As a result, channel partners are not in a position to sell the vendor's products/services as aggressively as they'd like to. Channel marketing automation allows your channel partners to engage in marketing campaigns at their levels, fairly independently and thus increase your brand exposure at the local level, while still ensuring the messaging stays true to your brand.

How Mindmatrix Channel Marketing Automation Software covers every element of channel marketing enablement?

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