Why Partner with MindMatrix?

MindMatrix is all about true marketing & sales alignment. Not only do we give marketers the ability to do smarter & more effective marketing, but we provide sales people the tools to have more result-producing conversations during the sales process. All on a single unified platform.

Our Commitment

We are 100% committed to our partners who may be referring, reselling, or repackaging our marketing automation platform to achieve their revenue goals. This is reflected in our dedication to provide:

  • Free support and training as long as you need it
  • Free access to our marketing automation platform for your internal use
  • Joint demos and sales calls to make sure your deals get closed
  • Access to the latest thought leadership to give you that added knowledge boost
  • Lead registration to prevent channel conflict
  • Presence in the MindMatrix partner ecosystem for added visibility
  • Dedicated access to partner portal for customized on-demand MindMatrix collateral



Bob Sanders,

Sanders Consulting

"I've worked with 1000's of agencies worldwide and my recommendation to them is to embrace marketing automation or your competitors will. It's not just marketing firms that are competing for the same pie; Interactive, demand generation, consulting firms and many others are increasingly invading what was once considered agency territory.

MindMatrix has it right. It has developed a partner friendly program coupled with a unique marketing-to-sales automation platform that gives agency partners a distinct advantage. Agencies will capture more revenue, look smarter in front of their clients and at the same time, be supported by a world class MindMatrix team." ...  

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Mike Carlton

Carlton Associates

"Agencies should care because if they don't embrace marketing automation as an important communications tool other providers will. And they will carve another piece of responsibility (and money) away from what clients traditionally engaged agencies."...   

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