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Sales & Marketing Alignment – Closing the Gap with AMP

A lot has been written about this subject in the recent years, and even as studies on the subject conclude that marketing-sales alignment is imperative for company success, companies are wrestling with various challenges when it comes to implementing it. Learn why aligning sales and marketing is important, how sales-marketing alignment can benefit your company, and how you can go about achieving it.

Marketing Automation — Importance & Advantages

Marketing automation has found its way into the average marketer’s life. Whether it is in the form of sales platforms or e-mail marketing tools, marketing automation has become an integral part of the business. A study by Aberdeen group revealed that 88% of companies that performed better than others in the research were the ones that employed closed loop marketing. While automation can exist separately for each function of the business such as sales, marketing and customer service, research found that a unification of all the three works best. Read more to know the importance of marketing automation, and the advantages of adopting a holistic view towards marketing automation.

How To Grow Your Small Business Using Social Media

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to grow your business? Are you looking to attract more leads to your business, or have heard about Social Media Marketing, Here’s all you need to know as a small business owner to begin increasing revenues using social media.

Conquering Small Business Marketing Challenges with AMP

As a small business, you face many challenges…lack of marketing and sales resources, steep deadlines, tight marketing budget—are just a few. What if you could easily conquer all of these sales and marketing-based challenges? Let’s take a look at the benefits your small business will derive from AMP.

Smart Sales Prospecting with Seamless Sales-Marketing Alignment

Success in sales mandates an obsessive focus on the prospect. In order to develop a prospect-centric approach, sales needs to be fully informed about each prospect’s behaviors, preferences, and needs.This article focuses on “Smart Sales Prospecting,” which gives the sales and marketing teams an all-around, unobstructed view of their prospect base, thus enabling them to focus on the highest quality prospects—at the right time.

Demand Generation: Getting The Results You Seek

Marketers are now expected to understand the various metrics related to each demand generation campaign, fill up the pipeline with quality leads, and ensure there’s a good return on marketing investment…all while faced with tight budgetary and resource constraints. This article elaborates how a business can enhance the effectiveness of its marketing team by engaging AMP for its demand generation activities.

Resolving Branding & Collateral Creation Challenges With AMP

As companies expand into virtual markets and focus increasingly on product customization, control of the company’s brand during the sales and marketing materials creation process becomes a challenge. There’s just one anti-dote to this challenge—seamless sales-marketing alignment. This article discusses how you can effectively bring about sales-marketing alignment in your business processes and solve brand management and sales collateral creation challenges by deploying AMP.

Small Business Marketing That Gets You Leads

Lead generation is a challenge facing every small business. There are websites that promise ‘Qualified leads’ for a fee, but often these may be out-dated, ill-matched or even fraudulent. Wouldn’t it be great if you could generate quality leads yourself? There are some very effective small business marketing methods. Here are a few strategies that you can deploy to generate quality leads.

Lead Nurturing – Questions Answered

You have probably heard a lot about lead nurturing and its related techniques. Marketing discussions are abuzz with lead nurturing processes, best practices and its advantages. But, the components of lead nurturing are as varied as the concept itself. This whitepaper introduces you to the basic concepts of lead nurturing and provides insights into the lead nurturing process so that you can create a unique lead nurturing process that suits you and your company the best.

Are You Making The Most Of Your Investment In Marketing Automation? Part 1

Technology is redefining the way we do business. The average prospect is better informed than ever, thanks to the internet. Access to peer reviews, social media and a global array of vendors allows buyers full control over the product evaluation and purchasing cycle. As a consequence, businesses are increasingly turning to marketing automation programs to keep tabs on prospects in the marketplace. A study by SiriusDecisions states that by 2015, the adoption of marketing automation is expected to increase by 50%. However, with this growth comes a new set of concerns.

Are You Making The Most Of Your Investment In Marketing Automation? Part

The growth in the use of technology in marketing, particularly through an expansion of sales channels available via the internet, has led to the development and increasing use of automation in marketing. Prospect analytics, multi-channel marketing, search engine optimization, brand management, demand for individualized business offerings, multiple customer touch-points—all these elements are increasingly pushing businesses to seek technological assistance in the form of marketing automation.

Lead Scoring: The Basics

Lead scoring is a must-have tool for today’s B2B marketer helping them generate better quality leads and engage in well-targeted marketing campaigns that bear results. This whitepaper spells out the benefits of lead scoring and tells you how to create a basic lead scoring model that you can use.

Marketing Automation 2013

There's no doubt that marketing automation has become one of the essential components of B2B marketing. However, the question is how many B2B marketers truly understand the importance of marketing automation.

Translating Your Marketing Campaign into Sales Lead

Your marketing team has spent hours putting together that witty campaign with those beautiful high-end graphics to target your new potential customers. It’s been emailed, tweeted, blogged and facebooked, so now what? How do you know which of your audience members are tuned-in to your signal and are ready to buy?

Avoid the Jargon. Write so they hear you!

Today I'll offer a quick example of why we need to cut out the use of jargon words in all of our marketing communications to customers. Have you ever been in a larger airport terminal, and seen the many electric carts that carry passengers who aren't able to walk long distances on their own?

Marketing Copy: Going Negative isn't what you think

When you're writing copy, try going negative! No, I don't mean trash your competition. That's not nice. Instead, use the negative to draw attention to the virtues of your product (or more precisely, by pointing out first how sad life is without your product).


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