Lead Management with Marketing Automation

It is always a trick discerning where a prospect sits on the buying process continuum. Are they just becoming aware? Or are they seeking specific data? Maybe they are ready to buy. To create an impact and generate sales, you need to have complete knowledge of your prospect's status. MindMatrix's Marketing Automation Software, AMP's Smart Lead Management module not only offers you information about a prospect's interest, but allows you to use that knowledge to automatically respond to them at every stage of the buying cycle.

AMP's Smart Lead Management module consolidates prospect interactions across various touch-points. This module helps you understand your prospect's mindset so you can respond better to their needs. Using AMP, you can—

  • Focus on quality leads, by accessing vital lead-related data such as, lead source and lead footprints
  • Segment your leads automatically and in real-time, depending on their behavior or attributes
  • Personalize your approach toward prospects and refine your sales strategy based on the segmentation
  • Sell more effectively by gaining in-depth insight into prospect data through lead-based reports
  • Track and evaluate lead responses to any sales campaign or tactics and alter your efforts as needed
  • Engage in effective lead nurturing programs, as the module analyzes lead behavior and enables you to recognize the interest and engagement level of each prospect. Using this information, you can groom cold leads until they are ready to buy

AMP allows you to engage in superior lead management and drive revenue through a well-targeted and efficient sales approach.

Smart Lead Management