Marketing Automation Software for Services Industry

Are you an insurance, finance, mortage, consulting or franchise business looking for marketing automation? Perhaps you operate on the independent rep business model & need tools to boost your marketing success. Then, you have come to the right place. At MindMatrix, we have marketing automation tools to help you stay connected with your customers and prospects while efficiently supporting a widespread sales network.

Marketing for the services sector presents unique challenges—basically because some service lines such as insurance, mortgage, finance and pharmaceutical marketing are tightly regulated by government norms and regulations. Ensuring that regulatory requirements are met and your marketing efforts are in compliance is very important. So is attracting quality leads to your value proposition, supporting widespread, more dispersed, disjointed sales network and distribution channels and generating great returns on your marketing investments difficult? This is where MindMatrix can help. MindMatrix offers a range of marketing automation tools specially designed to resolve the challenges faced by the services industry. Whether you are into insurance marketing, financial services, pharmaceuticals or are simply a manufacturer operating on the independent rep model— we have got you covered.

Marketing Automation for Insurance

Our marketing automation software helps insurance companies support their independent insurance carriers, MGAs, local agencies and BGAs effectively and in ensuring that the regulatory requirements are met. Not just that, with our marketing automation tools in place your independent insurance carriers, MGAs, BGAs or local agencies won’t have to worry about their marketing/sales output not being in line with the corporate standards—whether in terms of branding or message consistency. Watch your sales grow as you explore multiple marketing channels and build a better relationship with your prospects and clients—without worrying about brand management or regulatory compliance! Read more

Marketing Automation for Financial Services

Financial services marketing comes with its own set of challenges. Whether it’s in the form of increasing governmental regulations or a highly competitive environment or a complex sales mechanism, marketing financial services requires having access to special tools that resolve these challenges. With our marketing automation tools you can beat both of these challenges effectively and efficiently. No matter how complex your sales mechanism is, how detailed the compliance regulations are, or how widespread and vast your customer touch-points are—we have a solution for you. Read more

Marketing Automation for
Independent Marketing Representatives

Your independent sales representatives are largely on their own when it comes to marketing. You want to help them market your offering more effectively but don’t have the kind of resources to support your widespread independent rep network. This disconnect between your independent marketing representatives and your corporate marketing arm leaves you with limited options. With your independent marketing representatives constantly traveling, meeting with prospects and the end result is a complex and chaotic marketing situation. MindMatrix’s Marketing Automation Software AMP can help ease these challenges and more. Read more