Marketing Automation Software for Retail Industry

One-of-a-kind solutions for the unique challenges faced by the retail industry

Do you find today's retail environment competitive and challenging? Are you looking for ways to increase your lead-inflow without a corresponding hike in your marketing costs? The retail industry today has evolved a great deal and so has its competition. E-commerce has fueled this competition even more with online stores selling the same products at cheaper rates—thanks to low or even zero overhead costs. In this scenario, how do you ensure that you stand tall and get noticed? MindMatrix’s AMP offers all the tools you'll need to do this. From tools that help you build your brand to tools helping you understand your customers, we have it all under one roof.

Lower rising marketing costs

Retailers are facing a challenging time today wrestling with decreasing profit margins. At this point, what you definitely don't need is a steep hike in marketing costs—especially when there's no corresponding effect on your profits. AMP’s automated campaign management solution takes care of this challenge. It automates the campaign management process, thereby reducing the time and effort invested. By providing you tools and techniques to monitor your marketing campaigns constantly and know all-round performance of your marketing efforts, AMP's Marketing Campaign Management Solution and Marketing Effectiveness Measurement solutions allow you to focus on the most profitable marketing avenues while doing away with the inefficient ones.

Create marketing materials—as per your branding standards to boost your in-store exhibits

Are you not able to do marketing justice to all the merchandise present in your store? How will your customers know about what you have to offer until you tell them? Use AMP's marketing and sales collateral creation solutions to generate high-impact print and electronic merchandise catalogs, brochures, coupons and sale booklets. Send attractive HTML e-mails to showcase the weekend special or announce the grand opening of a new store…all in a few clicks! Are you a part of the retail chain? Then you want to make sure all your marketing and sales catalogs adhere to one common brand standard…and with AMP's brand management solution that won't be a concern anymore!

One is not enough—rope in multiple marketing media to attract leads

Do you still rely primarily on print ads to drive foot traffic into your store? Then it's time you adopted Next-Generation Marketing which involves use of multiple marketing media. Pull more customers into your store with AMP's multi-channel marketing solution. Ranging from social media marketing solutions to Search Engine Optimized sales and marketing materials, we've got it all for you! Whether it's print brochure, HTML e-mail campaigns, a landing page created for your special offers or your store's very own Facebook page, AMP opens up all the marketing avenues you'll ever need to pull customers your way!

Get better response through consumer-targeted marketing campaigns

Get a 360° view of your prospects at any time and use this knowledge to approach them with personalized marketing and sales offers. Experience the difference when you send your prospects relevant information about your products—information that will be automatically tailored to suit their tastes. Enhance customer-experience with personalization and watch your band of loyal customers grow with every marketing campaign!

Enhance your web presence

Did you know that 97% of people search online before they make a purchase? Is your web-presence strong enough? Whether you are a retailer or an e-tailer, online visibility is imperative for your success. Why not enhance it with AMP's Social Media Marketing Solution? Create custom Facebook pages, Timeline images, twitter pages and tabs in a few clicks. Automate tweets and social media updates and build a strong media presence now!