Marketing Automation Software for Real Estate

Become more efficient at marketing, leasing, and selling properties through improved marketing and sales alignment.

Is your marketing staff overwhelmed supporting your brokers and agents? Are you looking for ways to increase your broker's and agent's sales effectiveness? We can help! MindMatrix currently works with over one hundred brokers, owners, REITs, developers, and others throughout the real estate industry, enabling everyone to be more efficient when marketing, leasing, and selling properties, as well as maintaining essential communications with clients and tenants. Here's what MindMatrix enables real estate companies to do—

Support geographically-distributed leasing agents and brokers effectively

We know that your marketing team is often swamped by brokers and agents demanding individualized marketing proposals and other materials. And we know how critical it is to ensure that each broker/agent has access to accurate and up-to-date sales materials. MindMatrix's Marketing Automation Solutions allow on-demand production of high-impact pre-sales and sales materials, and provides tools that automatically update all your data. Thanks to our template based approach to marketing and sales materials creation, your brokers will be able to generate listing proposals, property flyers, brochures, offering memorandums, or even property websites on-demand and for a fraction of the usual time!

Our solution's brand management capabilities ensure that you don't have to worry about your branding standards being damaged when your brokers/agents personalize proposals and marketing materials.

Don't drop your leads—Understand them!

Have you dropped leads and later discovered that they listed their property, or completed a transaction with another real estate broker/agent? Brokers and agents often complain that their prospects ‘go dark’ on them, leaving then with no clue as to what happened. This is where MindMatrix can help. MindMatrix’s Smart Lead Management solution can tell you the exact position of your buyer in the sales cycle. Gauge the interest level and know where they actually are in the sales process, not where you guess they are.

What about leads that are slow to respond? Don’t drop them, because there is an 80% chance they will eventually close a deal. MindMatrix offers you Lead Prospecting solutions that help you stay in touch with your leads and groom them until they are ready to make that transaction.

Boost the Response to Your Property Listings Using Social Media

Did you know that you can increase the response to your property listings using social media marketing? It is a great opportunity, but social media can be tricky—it demands a constant investment of time and effort. MindMatrix’s Social Media Marketing Solutions enable you to showcase your property listings on popular social networking sites. Now create a Facebook page for your property listings, customize your corporate Facebook account, generate and track leads from social media—all with one solution.

Personalize Your Sales Approach to Close Deals Faster

Personalization can help you close your real estate deals faster. Whether it’s leasing a commercial space or selling a home, personalization will take you one step closer. MindMatrix allow you to customize your listing proposals, property presentations, property flyers, brochures, OMs and even property websites to suit your potential buyer. And the entire process can be automated so you don’t have to allocate precious resources for those endless daily updates