Marketing Automation Software for Lead Generation

Is your sales team complaining of poor lead quality? Are you finding it difficult to justify your significant marketing investments because of poor lead closure rates? Studies show that about 80% of leads from marketing are dropped by sales as being unqualified. But you can change this with MindMatrix's Marketing Automation Software, AMP!

AMP's lead generation module not only helps you engage in generating quality leads and pass them to your sales teams but also provides methods to nurture leads which are not yet near the buying stage. Using AMP you can—

  • Automatically segment your leads based on numerous parameters such as lead behavior or lead attributes
  • Gain a 360° insight into lead behavior thanks to AMP's Digital Footprint Analyzers (DFAs) that track and study lead behavior across various touch points including landing pages, social media, websites and other interactions that give you a complete prospect profile
  • Automatically score your leads on the relevant and measurable criteria which matter to you
  • Develop personalized, effective lead cultivation programs for leads that score low or are not ready to buy thus enhancing conversion rates
  • Consolidate data from multiple touch-points to enhance marketing effectiveness

Deploy AMP's quality lead generation module and sit back and watch as your lead-drop rates fall, and you enjoy an overall increase in sales.

Quality Lead Generation