On-demand Sales Materials Creation

As a Sales VP, you would want your team to be on the look-out to close more deals and generate more revenue. And, this means your team needs to shower undivided attention upon your prospects, be available for them at the right time and, with the right sales materials that catch their eye. The last part—getting the right sales materials, on-time has become a challenge thanks to dispersed sales forces, multi-channel marketing processes, prospect expectations for individualized materials, over-worked marketing teams, and the need to adhere to corporate branding standards.

You can overcome these challenges with Mindmatrix's Marketing Automation Software, AMP. AMP's sales materials creation platform enables creation of high-impact, personalized, professional sales materials for a fraction of the usual time and effort required.

With AMP you'll never have to worry about—

Keeping your sales materials updated and accurate

AMP's sales collateral creation module is template-driven. This presents you with two benefits. One, your marketing team has to finalize a template for each of your sales collateral—just once. Your sales force can then log on to AMP and generate sales materials on-demand. Secondly, since the templates are created by the marketing team and have permission-based editing rights, there's no fear of your brand being portrayed incorrectly, or your sales persons not using the right sales material. Any update to the templates by the marketing team will automatically reflect in the sales media created by your on-field salespersons.

Generating sales media of different types

Today, when prospects have multiple ways of interacting with businesses, isn't your sales team's presence a must at these different channels? But, maintaining consistent presence across multiple prospect touch points can become a challenge. This is where AMP comes into the picture. AMP helps your sales force generate sales collateral of multiple types including sales e-mails, print collateral, personal websites, personalized landing pages, sales presentations, consistent social media messages and more…as and when they need it.

Your online presence

Did you know that 98% of buyers check Google before making a purchase? Isn't it then imperative that your business ranks well with major search engines? Well, with AMP, you'll not have to worry about this. All sales materials generated using AMP are optimized for search engines. Even if you are no HTML wizard, AMP makes search engine optimization easy by allowing you to add Meta Keywords and Meta Description tags that enable search engines to identify your sales materials on related web searches.

So whenever someone searches for relevant offerings on the web, your sales materials will show up…thus increasing your chances of attracting the lead.

On demand Sales Materials Creation