On-demand Marketing Materials Creation

Dispersed sales forces, multi-channel marketing processes, prospect expectations for individualized materials, and the need to adhere to corporate branding standards can make marketing materials creation a logistical headache. You can overcome these challenges with MindMatrix's Marketing Automation Software, AMP.

AMP's marketing materials creationplatform enables creation of high-impact, personalized, professional communication materials for a fraction of the usual time and effort required.Using AMP you can—

Keep your marketing materials up-to-date—easily and automatically

AMP's marketing materials creation solution is template-driven. Once a template is built, it can be used time and again to generate different communication materials. AMP also adopts a database-centric approach -- automatic updates keep marketing materials accurate whenever branding, company information, or product/service details change. This ensures accuracy of all content, and an end to wasted, unusable, outdated materials.

Generate marketing materials in multiple media

Multi-channel, multi-step communications are more effective than single-channel communications. Your prospects are everywhere—on blogs, websites, search engines, social media sites and even on the phone with you! How do you effectively maintain ongoing contact with its prospects through multiple touch points? AMP! AMP supports the creation of multi-format marketing materials including E-mail templates, Web-pages, PDF flyers, Newsletters, Web forms and more.

Strengthen your online presence with search engine optimized marketing materials

All marketing materials generated using AMP are optimized for search engines. Even if you are no HTML wizard, AMP makes search engine optimization easy by allowing you to add Meta Keywords and Meta Description tags that enable search engines to identify your marketing materials on related web searches. So whenever someone searches for relevant offerings on the web, your marketing collateral will show up.

On-Demand Marketing Materials Creation


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